Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Telling users and CASA about changes

             (1)  There must be a procedure, in accordance with the standards and requirements in the Manual of Standards, for an ARFFS provider to give, to aerodrome users, safety-related information about changes, faults or interruptions to the service.

             (2)  The procedure must comply with CASA's requirements for reporting information to the Aeronautical Information and Data Service and the Australian NOTAM Office.

             (3)  If the provider fails, for a period of 24 hours or longer, to provide the service at the standard required by Division 139.H.3, the ARFFS provider for the aerodrome must tell CASA in writing as soon as practicable:

                     (a)  why the service is not being provided at that standard; and

                     (b)  how long it is likely to be before the service can be resumed; and

                     (c)  what action the service provider has taken and will take to resume the service at that standard.

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