Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Issue of Manual of Standards

             (1)  CASA may issue a Manual of Standards for this Part that provides for the following matters:

                     (a)  standards, including procedures, plans, systems and documentation, for the provision of air traffic services training;

                     (b)  standards for facilities and equipment used to provide air traffic services training;

                     (c)  standards, including competency standards and minimum qualifications, for instructors engaged in air traffic services training;

                     (d)  any matter required or permitted by these Regulations to be provided for by the Manual of Standards;

                     (e)  any matter necessary or convenient to be provided for the effective operation of this Part.

Note:          A Manual of Standards is a legislative instrument--see subsections 98(5A) and (5B) of the Act. It must be registered in accordance with the Legislation Act 2003 and must be tabled in both Houses of the Parliament within 6 sitting days after its making.

             (2)  CASA must give a copy of a notice about a Manual of Standards for this Part (being a notice referred to in subregulation 11.275(3) or regulation 11.280) to each ATS training provider.

Note:          Subpart 11.J (including regulations 11.275 and 11.280) sets out procedures for the issue, amendment and revocation of a MOS.

Subpart 143.B -- Approval as an ATS training provider


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