Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Application for approval of significant changes to organisations

             (1)  If a Part 145 organisation proposes to make a significant change, the organisation must apply to CASA for approval of the change.

             (2)  The application must:

                     (a)  be in writing; and

                     (b)  set out the proposed change; and

                     (c)  include a copy of the part of the exposition consequentially affected by the change, showing the proposed change.

             (3)  Subject to subregulation (4), the application must be made before the change is made.

             (4)  If:

                     (a)  the change is of the kind mentioned in paragraph 145.010(2)(c); and

                     (b)  the organisation does not apply, in accordance with subregulation (2), before making the change;

the organisation must apply in accordance with subregulation (2) within 7 days after making the change.

Note 1:       An application must be in the approved form, include all the information required by these Regulations and be accompanied by every document required by these Regulations--see regulation 11.030.

Note 2:       Part 11 deals with applications and decision making.

Note 3:       Making a significant change without applying for approval in accordance with this regulation will be a breach of condition of an approval--see regulation 145.045.

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