Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Aviation administration and enforcement rules

             (1)  An ASAO must prepare rules (the aviation administration and enforcement rules ) that provide for the following:

                     (a)  the process for applying for an authorisation from the ASAO to undertake an activity administered by the ASAO, including the information that must be included in the application;

                     (b)  the eligibility criteria for the issuing of an authorisation by the ASAO to undertake an activity administered by the ASAO;

                     (c)  conditions that may be attached to an authorisation issued by the ASAO;

                     (d)  procedures relating to the variation, suspension and cancellation of authorisations at the authorisation holder's request;

                     (e)  procedures relating to the internal review of decisions made by the ASAO;

                      (f)  if the ASAO is authorised to exercise ASAO enforcement powers:

                              (i)  the circumstances in which those powers may be exercised; and

                             (ii)  procedures relating to the exercise of those powers;

                     (g)  procedures that require safe conduct by authorisation holders at all times;

                     (h)  measures for providing an authorisation holder with preventative, corrective or remedial solutions to identified training or skills deficiencies;

                      (i)  any disciplinary action that may be undertaken by the ASAO in relation to authorisation holders;

                      (j)  an effective and appropriate review process in relation to any preventative, corrective, remedial or disciplinary action undertaken by the ASAO;

                     (k)  any other matter prescribed by the Part 149 Manual of Standards.

             (2)  The aviation administration and enforcement rules of an ASAO must have due regard to procedural fairness.

Subpart 149.F -- Expositions


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