Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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AIS providers--standards for development and publication of Integrated Aeronautical Information Package and aeronautical charts

             (1)  An AIS provider must publish aeronautical data and aeronautical information as an Integrated Aeronautical Information Package or on aeronautical charts.

             (2)  The data and information must be developed from data that complies with the standards for data accuracy and integrity mentioned in Annexes 11 and 14 to the Chicago Convention.

             (3)  The format and quality of the data and information must be suitable for the intended end use of the data and information.

             (4)  The data and information must be published in accordance with the standards mentioned in the following:

                     (a)  the Part 175 Manual of Standards;

                     (b)  Annexes 4 and 15 to the Chicago Convention;

                     (c)  if PANS-AIM is in force--that document;

                     (d)  ICAO Documents 8126 and 8697;

                     (e)  the other AIS applicable ICAO documents.

             (5)  However, if 2 standards mentioned in different documents mentioned in subregulation (4) apply in relation to a particular matter, and it is not possible for the provider to comply with both standards in relation to the matter, then the provider is required to comply only with the standard mentioned in the document that is first mentioned in subregulation (4) in relation to the matter.

             (6)  If a circumstance mentioned in subregulation (5) arises, the provider must, as soon as practicable after the circumstance arises, give CASA written notice of the circumstance.

             (7)  An aeronautical chart published by the provider must:

                     (a)  be a chart of a type mentioned in Annex 4 to the Chicago Convention; and

                     (b)  contain the aeronautical data and aeronautical information required for the function of a chart of that type as mentioned in Annex 4 to the Chicago Convention.

AIS provided in cooperation or arrangement with AA

             (8)  If an AIS provider is providing its AIS in cooperation, or by arrangement, with AA, AA must ensure that subregulation (1) is complied with.

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