Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Flying unregistered aircraft--offence

                   A person commits an offence if:

                     (a)  the person pilots an unregistered Australian aircraft; and

                     (b)  a sport aviation body (other than an ASAO) administers aviation activities in the aircraft; and

                     (c)  the person does not:

                              (i)  hold a pilot certificate granted by the sport aviation body; and

                             (ii)  operate the aircraft in accordance with the sport aviation body's operations manual.

Penalty:  50 penalty units.



Table of contents

201.001     Appointment of authorised persons

201.002     Identity cards

201.002A  Authorised persons requesting cockpit entry or occupation of seat etc.

201.003     Commonwealth and CASA not liable in certain cases

201.004     Review of decisions

201.016     Disclosure etc. of information

201.020     Service of documents

201.022     Carriage of medicines--relationship with other laws

201.025     Prescription of matters for definitions in these Regulations

201.030     Approvals by CASA--definitions in these Regulations

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