Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Authorised persons for regulations 35, 36 and 36A of CAR

             (1)  This regulation applies to a person who was, immediately before 27 June 2011, an authorised person appointed under regulation 6 of CAR for the purposes of regulation 35, 36 or 36A of CAR (as in force before 27 June 2011).

             (2)  CASA is taken to have appointed the person on 27 June 2011 under regulation 201.001 to be an authorised person for regulations 21.006A and 21.009 and the provisions of Subpart 21.M.

             (3)  The appointment is subject to the conditions to which the person's appointment as an authorised person under regulation 6 of CAR was subject to immediately before 27 June 2011.

             (4)  However, the appointment expires:

                     (a)  when the person's appointment as an authorised person for regulation 35, 36 or 36A of CAR would have expired; or

                     (b)  at the end of 26 June 2013; or

                     (c)  when it is revoked;

whichever happens first.

Subpart 202.AK -- Transitional provisions for Part 22 (Airworthiness standards for sailplanes and powered sailplanes)


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