Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Issue of type certificate

             (1)  Subject to regulation 11.055, CASA must issue a type certificate (except a type certificate mentioned in regulation 21.029) to an applicant for the certificate if the applicant:

                     (a)  is eligible, under regulation 21.013, to apply for the certificate; and

                     (b)  applies for the certificate in accordance with this Subpart; and

                     (c)  is entitled, under this Subpart, to the certificate; and

                     (d)  otherwise complies with this Part.

             (2)  Subregulation (3) applies if, under regulation 21.251, CASA authorises a relevant approved design organisation to certify that the applicant meets a criterion for entitlement to a type certificate under this Subpart.

             (3)  If the approved design organisation is satisfied that the applicant meets the criterion, the organisation may give CASA a certificate to that effect.

             (4)  For paragraph (1)(c), if an approved design organisation gives CASA a certificate under subregulation (3) in relation to a criterion, CASA need consider only that certificate in deciding whether the applicant meets the criterion.

             (5)  For subregulation (3), regulations 21.021, 21.024, 21.025 and 21.026 apply to consideration by an approved design organisation of an application for a type certificate as if each reference to CASA in those regulations were a reference to the approved design organisation.

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