Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Production under type certificate

             (1)  Each manufacturer of an aircraft, aircraft engine or propeller being manufactured under a type certificate only must:

                     (a)  make each aircraft, aircraft engine or propeller available for inspection by CASA; and

                     (b)  maintain at the place of manufacture the technical data and drawings necessary for CASA to determine whether the aircraft, aircraft engine or propeller and its parts conform to the type design; and

                     (c)  establish and maintain an approved production inspection system that:

                              (i)  meets the requirements of subregulation 21.125(2); and

                             (ii)  ensures that each aircraft, aircraft engine or propeller manufactured under the type certificate more than 6 months after it was issued conforms to the type design and is in a condition for safe operation; and

                     (d)  upon the establishment of the approved production inspection system--submit to CASA a manual that describes the system and the means for meeting the requirements of subregulation 21.125(2).

Penalty:  25 penalty units.

          (1A)  An offence against subregulation (1) is an offence of strict liability.

Note:          For strict liability , see section 6.1 of the Criminal Code .

             (2)  Each manufacturer may apply to CASA for an extension of the period of 6 months mentioned in subparagraph (1)(c)(ii).

             (3)  CASA may extend the period in a particular case if unusual or extenuating circumstances prevent the manufacturer from establishing an approved production inspection system within 6 months after the issue of the type certificate.

Source         FARs section 21.123 modified.

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