Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Requirements for grant of aerial application endorsements

             (1)  An applicant for an aerial application endorsement mentioned in column 1 of an item of table 61.1120 must hold:

                     (a)  an aerial application rating; and

                     (b)  the rating or endorsement mentioned in column 3 of the item.

Note:          Subregulation (1) is satisfied, in relation to a required rating or endorsement, if the applicant holds a certificate of validation of an overseas flight crew licence, rating or endorsement that is equivalent to the required rating or endorsement: see item 36 of Part 2 of the Dictionary.

             (2)  The applicant must also have:

                     (a)  completed flight training for the endorsement; and

                     (b)  met the aeronautical experience requirements mentioned in column 3 of the item; and

                     (c)  passed the flight test mentioned in the Part 61 Manual of Standards for the endorsement; and

                     (d)  for an endorsement mentioned in column 1 of an item in Part 1 or 2 of table 61.1120:

                              (i)  met the requirements for the grant of the low-level endorsement for an aircraft of the relevant category; and

                             (ii)  passed the aeronautical knowledge examination for the endorsement.

Note 1:       For paragraph (a), for the requirements for flight training, see Division 61.B.2.

Note 2:       For paragraph (b), for the determination of a person's flight time and other aeronautical experience, see Division 61.A.2.

Note 3:       For paragraph (c), for the conduct of flight tests, see Division 61.B.4.

Note 4:       For subparagraph (d)(ii), for the conduct of aeronautical knowledge examinations, see Division 61.B.3.

Subpart 61.S -- Flight activity endorsements


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