Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Requirements for grant of glider pilot licences

             (1)  An applicant for a glider pilot licence must be at least 16.

             (2)  The applicant must hold a pilot certificate that:

                     (a)  is granted by a glider organisation; and

                     (b)  is granted on the basis of the applicant meeting competency standards that are at least equivalent to the competency standards for the glider pilot licence mentioned in the Part 61 Manual of Standards; and

                     (c)  permits the holder to pilot a glider, as pilot in command.

             (3)  The applicant must also have aeronautical experience that includes:

                     (a)  at least 6 hours of flight time in a glider; and

                     (b)  at least 2 hours of solo flight time in a glider; and

                     (c)  at least 20 launches, and at least 20 landings, as pilot of a glider.

Note:          For the determination of a person's flight time and other aeronautical experience, see Division 61.A.2.


Table of contents

Subpart 64.A -- Preliminary

64.005        What Part 64 is about

64.010        Definitions for Part 64

64.012        Approvals by CASA for Part 64

Subpart 64.B -- Transmission on aeronautical radio frequencies

64.015        Eligibility for aeronautical radio operator certificate

64.020        Obligation of assessor to ensure training is completed

64.025        Applying for aeronautical radio operator certificate

64.030        Grant of aeronautical radio operator certificate

64.035        Holder of aeronautical radio operator certificate may operate radio

64.040        Person undergoing training or assessment may operate radio

Subpart 64.C -- Taxiing aeroplanes

64.045        Persons who may taxi aeroplanes--general

64.050        Persons who may taxi aeroplanes--persons undergoing training or assessment

64.055        Grant of certificate of competency to taxi aeroplanes of a class or covered by a type rating

64.060        Production of certificate of competency

Subpart 64.A -- Preliminary


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