Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Production of certificate of competency

             (1)  CASA may direct a person who holds a certificate of competency to produce the certificate for inspection by CASA.

             (2)  The person commits an offence if the person does not comply with the direction within 7 days after the day the direction is given.

Penalty:  50 penalty units.

             (3)  An offence against this regulation is an offence of strict liability.



Table of contents

Subpart 65.A -- General

65.005       Applicability of this Part

65.010       Definitions for this Part

65.015       Meaning of successful completion of training

65.020       Effect of ATS provider's failure to comply with this Part

65.025       How to satisfy recency requirement

65.030       How to satisfy currency requirement

65.033       Issue of Manual of Standards

Subpart 65.B -- Authority to act in air traffic control and flight service

65.035       Authority to carry out air traffic control function

65.040       Rules applicable when a person performs ATC function under supervision

65.045       Offences--carrying out ATC function without authority

65.050       Authority to carry out flight service function

65.055       Rules applicable when a person performs flight service function under supervision

65.060       Offences--carrying out flight service function without authority

65.065       Authority to use ground-based radio equipment

Subpart 65.C -- Licensing

Division 65.C.1 -- Air traffic controller licensing

65.070       Eligibility for grant of ATC licence

65.075       Air traffic controller ratings

65.080       Grant of rating on ATC licence

65.085       Grant of endorsement on ATC licences

65.090       ATS provider's obligation to provide currency and recency training and assessment

65.095       Ancillary qualifications

65.100       Conduct of practical training

65.105       Conduct of examinations

65.115       Periods of validity of ratings and endorsements

65.120       Periods of validity of ATC qualifications

Division 65.C.2 --Flight service licensing

65.125       Eligibility for grant of flight service licence

65.130       Flight service ratings

65.135       Maintenance of ratings on flight service licence

65.140       Endorsements on flight service licences

65.145       Ancillary qualifications

65.150       Conduct of training

65.155       Conduct of examinations

65.165       Periods of validity of rating and endorsement

65.170       Period of validity of flight service qualification

Subpart 65.E -- Administrative functions

Division 65.E.1 -- Grant of licences

65.175       Definitions for this Subpart

65.180       How to apply

65.225       Grant of licence

65.230       When decision must be made

Division 65.E.2 -- Ongoing proficiency and medical testing

65.250       Re-examination or re-assessment of licence or qualification holder

Division 65.E.3 -- Suspension and cancellation of licences

65.255       Provisional suspension of licence pending examination or assessment

65.260       Provisional suspension of licence etc during investigation

65.265       Show cause procedure

65.270       CASA's powers in respect of licence etc

65.275       Choice between cancellation and suspension

65.280       Procedure for decision

65.285       Effect of suspension or provisional suspension of authorisation

Subpart 65.A -- General


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