Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Applications for licences

             (1)  A person may apply to CASA for an aircraft engineer licence.

             (2)  The application must:

                     (a)  be in writing; and

                     (b)  specify the aircraft engineer licence being applied for; and

                   (ba)  specify whether the application is for a licence that would be subject to the exclusion of an aircraft system or a subset of an aircraft system; and

                     (c)  if the applicant does not hold an aircraft engineer licence at the time of making the application--be accompanied by evidence of the applicant's identity; and

                     (d)  be accompanied by copies of documents evidencing the qualifications and experience relevant to the licence being applied for, including any relevant foreign licence or Defence Force aircraft authorisation that the applicant holds; and

                     (e)  if, at the time of making the application, the applicant has a medically significant condition that is safety-relevant:

                              (i)  specify the condition; and

                             (ii)  be accompanied by a report from a medical practitioner that describes the condition.

Note 1:       An application must be in the approved form, include all the information required by these Regulations and be accompanied by every document required by these Regulations--see regulation 11.030.

Note 2:       Part 11 deals with applications and decision making.

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