Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Suspension of medical certificates--pregnancy

             (1)  A medical certificate held by a pregnant woman who holds, or is an applicant for, a licence is taken to be suspended:

                     (a)  during the period beginning immediately after the end of the 30th week of gestation and ending when a DAME certifies that she is fully recovered following delivery or the termination of the pregnancy; or

                     (b)  if in a particular case CASA directs in writing that a different period should apply--during the period so directed by CASA; or

                     (c)  if, before the start of the period mentioned in paragraph (a), the pregnancy ends in miscarriage or premature labour, or is terminated by medical intervention--from the time of the miscarriage, premature labour or intervention until a DAME certifies that the woman is fully recovered.

Note:          This regulation does not preclude a pilot who is pregnant from undertaking or receiving instruction in a flight simulator at any stage of the pilot's pregnancy.

             (2)  Despite subregulation (1), a pregnant woman who holds an ATC licence may continue to exercise the privileges of the licence until the end of the 38th week of gestation if:

                     (a)  the medical practitioner who is attending the woman certifies her continued medical fitness to do so each week beginning at the 31st week of gestation; and

                     (b)  a DAME certifies the woman's continuing fitness to do so each week beginning at the 31st week of gestation; and

                     (c)  another person who holds an ATC licence, and is medically fit and able to take over responsibility for the function, is on duty and available at the times when she does so.

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