Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Surrender of medical certificates

             (1)  CASA may require, by written notice, the holder of a medical certificate to surrender the certificate to CASA within a reasonable time specified in the notice.

             (2)  The person must comply with the requirement.

Penalty:  5 penalty units.

             (3)  A person who contravenes subregulation (2) is guilty of an offence in respect of each day during which the person refuses or fails to comply with the requirement, including the day of any conviction for such an offence.

             (4)  The person must not destroy, mutilate or deface the certificate with intent to evade the obligation to comply with the requirement.

Penalty:  10 penalty units.

Note:          This Part heading is reserved for future use.




Table of contents

Subpart 90.A -- General

90.005       Purpose of Part

90.007       Application of Part

90.008       Definitions for Part 90

90.010       Exclusions in relation to particular provisions

90.015       Operation of exclusions under regulation 39.004

90.020       Issue of Manual of Standards

Subpart 90.B -- General provisions

90.100       Applicability

90.105       Flight crew restraints

90.110       Occupant restraints--small aeroplanes

90.115       Occupant restraints--helicopters

90.120       Side-facing seats

90.125       Cabin crew seats

90.130       External doors

90.135       Emergency exits

90.140       Cargo and baggage compartment lighting

90.145       Thermal/acoustic insulation materials

90.150       Fire extinguishing agents

Subpart 90.C -- Large aeroplanes engaged in air transport operations

Division 90.C.1 -- General

90.200       Applicability

Division 90.C.2 -- Emergency exits

90.205       Escape devices

90.210       Location of emergency exits

90.215       Access to emergency exits

90.220       Interior emergency exit marking

90.225       Interior emergency lighting

90.230       Floor proximity emergency escape path

90.235       Exterior emergency exit marking

90.240       Exterior emergency lighting

90.245       Over-wing escape routes

Division 90.C.3 -- Fire protection

90.250       Cabin interiors--materials

90.255       Seat cushions--materials

90.260       Cargo compartment liners--materials

90.265       Cargo compartments for aeroplanes engaged in scheduled air transport operations

90.270       Toilets

90.275       Thermal/acoustic insulation materials

Division 90.C.4 -- Systems and equipment

90.280       Seats

90.285       Pitot heat indication systems

90.290       Landing gear aural warning systems

Subpart 90.D -- Small aeroplanes engaged in air transport operations

90.400       Applicability

90.405       Cargo and baggage compartments

90.410       Emergency exits

90.415       Landing gear aural warning systems

Subpart 90.E -- Helicopters engaged in scheduled air transport operations

90.600       Applicability

90.605       Emergency exits

Subpart 90.A -- General


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