Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Single-engine aeroplane--simulating engine failure in IMC or at night

             (1)  The pilot in command of a single-engine aeroplane for a flight contravenes this subregulation if:

                     (a)  the flight is:

                              (i)  in IMC; or

                             (ii)  at night; and

                     (b)  a failure of the aeroplane's engine is simulated during the flight; and

                     (c)  a requirement mentioned in subregulation (2) is not met.

             (2)  The requirements are the following:

                     (a)  the flight must be conducted for the purpose of pilot training, checking or testing;

                     (b)  only flight crew members are carried on the flight;

                     (c)  the pilot in command must hold a flight instructor rating, flight examiner rating or other authorisation under these Regulations that authorises the activity of simulating an engine failure;

                     (d)  for a simulation at night:

                              (i)  the simulation must commence above 1,000 ft AGL; and

                             (ii)  while the engine failure is being simulated, the aeroplane must remain within gliding distance of a lighted runway available for landing;

                     (e)  for a simulation in IMC:

                              (i)  the simulation must commence above the lowest safe altitude for the route or route segment of the flight; and

                             (ii)  VMC conditions must exist below that altitude.

             (3)  A person commits an offence of strict liability if the person contravenes subregulation (1).

Penalty:  50 penalty units.

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