Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Single-engine rotorcraft--simulating engine failure or initiating autorotation of main rotor system at night

             (1)  The pilot in command of a single-engine rotorcraft for a flight contravenes this subregulation if:

                     (a)  the flight is at night; and

                     (b)  during the flight, a failure of the rotorcraft's engine is simulated or an autorotation of the rotorcraft's main rotor system is initiated; and

                     (c)  the rotorcraft is not:

                              (i)  taxiing or hovering below the hover height for the surface specified in the aircraft flight manual instructions for the rotorcraft; or

                             (ii)  at a height at or above 1,000 ft AGL; and

                     (d)  a requirement mentioned in subregulation (2) is not met.

             (2)  The requirements are the following:

                     (a)  the pilot in command must hold a flight instructor rating, flight examiner rating or other authorisation under these Regulations that authorises the activity of simulating an engine failure or initiating an autorotation of the main rotor system (as the case requires);

                     (b)  the flight must be carried out for the purpose of pilot training, checking or testing;

                     (c)  only flight crew members are carried on the flight;

                     (d)  the pilot in command must brief the pilot under instruction before the simulation or autorotation and must supervise the simulation or autorotation;

                     (e)  the simulation or autorotation must be carried out in VMC; and

                      (f)  power termination of the autorotation must be initiated so that full power is available before the rotorcraft goes below 100 ft AGL;

                     (g)  the autorotation must be terminated using a power recovery termination or a baulked approach and climb out;

                     (h)  the simulation or autorotation must be conducted at an aerodrome with omnidirectional runway lighting.

             (3)  A person commits an offence of strict liability if the person contravenes subregulation (1).

Penalty:  50 penalty units.

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