Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Notice of alcohol test

             (1)  The notice given to the donor under subregulation 99.255(5) must contain the following:

                     (a)  the donor's name, date of birth, gender, residential address and telephone number, and an indication of whether those details were provided by the donor or the donor's DAMP organisation (if any);

                     (b)  the date and time that the donor was asked by the approved tester to stop performing or being available to perform SSAAs for the purposes of giving a body sample for an alcohol test;

                     (c)  the date, time and location of the place that the donor's body sample was taken and tested;

                     (d)  the test result;

                     (e)  the applicable SSAA that the donor was performing or available to perform at the time the donor was tested;

                      (f)  the make, model and serial number of the approved breathalyser used to conduct the testing of the body sample;

                     (g)  the details of any photographic identification provided by the donor;

                     (h)  a certification by the approved tester about whether the body sample has been taken and tested in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations and any applicable legislative instrument made under regulation 99.245;

                      (i)  a certification by the tester about whether the breathalyser has been stored, tested, maintained and operated in accordance with the legislative instrument made under subregulation 99.250(3);

                      (j)  the initials of the tester and his or her allocated number.

             (2)  The approved tester must ask the donor to sign the notice at the time the approved tester gives the notice to the donor.

Subpart 99.D -- Evidentiary certificates and prescribed proceedings

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