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Contents of field development plan

             (1)  For paragraph 4.06(1)(a), the matters are:

                     (a)  evidence and data showing that the field contains petroleum, including details of the structure, extent and location of discovered petroleum pools; and

                     (b)  estimates of the volume of petroleum in place and recoverable petroleum, including data supporting the estimates; and

                     (c)  a description of:

                              (i)  the possible petroleum pools in the field; and

                             (ii)  the person's plans (if any) to explore for petroleum pools; and

                            (iii)  how any petroleum pools of commercial quantity can be incorporated into the development of the licence area; and

                     (d)  a description of:

                              (i)  an appropriate strategy for the development of the field, management of the petroleum pool and optimum long-term recovery; and

                             (ii)  any proposed and alternative development scenarios; and

                     (e)  a description of how the person intends to extract the petroleum over time, including the following information:

                              (i)  the estimated positions of wells;

                             (ii)  the potential timing of workovers;

                            (iii)  possible tie-ins; and

                      (f)  the project schedule, including an estimated development timetable of production facilities such as wells, platforms and petroleum pipelines; and

                     (g)  the person's operations or proposals for:

                              (i)  the enhanced recovery or recycling of petroleum; and

                             (ii)  the processing, storage or disposal of petroleum; and

                            (iii)  the injection of petroleum or water into an underground formation; and

                     (h)  arrangements for:

                              (i)  monitoring, recording in writing and reporting on the person's conduct of pool management; and

                             (ii)  keeping records and other documents about the person's conduct of pool management; and

                      (i)  details of:

                              (i)  t he surface connections and equipment used by the person; and

                             (ii)  any production by a well that is from more than one petroleum pool; and

                            (iii)  any production from a petroleum pool that is through more than one well; and

                      (j)  the arrangements (if any) for the transport, injection and storage of greenhouse gas substances that have been obtained from a third party or other external source; and

                     (k)  arrangements for the maintenance of an accurate quantitative record of events, measurements and actions to which the plan relates.

             (2)  A field development plan may include any other information that the person believes is relevant.

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