Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title etc.  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Insertion of heading  
   4.      Interpretation  
   7.      Application of Act  
   9.      Functions of Inspector-General  
   10.     Duties etc. of trustees and of Official Receiver  
   12.     Investment of money in Common Fund  
   13.     General powers of Courts in bankruptcy  
   14.     Exercise of jurisdiction  
   16.     Acts of bankruptcy  
   17.     Taking control of debtor's property before sequestration  
   18.     Bankrupt's statement of affairs  
   20.     Debtor's petition  
   21.     Debtor's petition against partnership  
   22.     Debtor's petition by joint debtors who are not partners  
   23.     Second or subsequent bankruptcy  
   24.     Amendment of heading  
   26.     Election of chairman  
   27.     Entitlement to vote at meeting of creditors  
   28.     Manner of voting  
   29.     Admission and rejection of claim to vote  
   30.     Public examination of bankrupt  
   31.     Committee of inspection  
   32.     Approval by Court  
   33.     Application of Part VIII to trustee of a composition or arrangement  
   34.     Duties of bankrupt as to discovery etc. of property  
   37.     Arrest of debtor or bankrupt  
   38.     Discovery of bankrupt's property etc.  
   39.     Debts provable in bankruptcy  
   40.     Inspection of proofs by creditors etc.  
   41.     Priority payments  
   42.     Repeal of sections 111 and 112  
   43.     Property divisible among creditors  
   44.     Avoidance of voluntary and marriage settlements  
   45.     Protection of certain transactions against relation back etc.  
   46.     Trustee to take possession of property of bankrupt  
   48.     Disclaimer of onerous property  
   49.     Powers exercisable at discretion of trustee  
   50.     Powers exercisable by the trustee with permission  
   52.     Declaration and distribution of dividends  
   53.     Discharge by the Court  
   54.     Registration of natural persons as trustees  
   55.     Appointment of trustees  
   56.     Vacancy in office of trustee  
   58.     Control of creditors over trustees  
   59.     Control of trustees by the Court  
   62.     Debtor may authorise trustee or solicitor to call meeting of creditors etc.  
   63.     Effect of authority under section 188 to registered trustee  
   65.     Duties and powers of trustee and solicitor  
   66.     Death of trustee to whom authority is given etc.  
   67.     Remuneration of controlling trustee  
   68.     Calling of meeting  
   69.     Debtor to attend meeting  
   70.     Entitlement to vote at meeting  
   71.     Manner of voting  
   72.     Resolution for deed of assignment etc.  
   74.     Control of controlling trustee by the Court  
   77.     Notice of execution of deed or acceptance of composition  
   78.     Sequestration order where debtor fails to attend meeting, execute deed etc.  
   79.     Power of the Court to declare deed or composition void  
   80.     Calling of meetings after the first meeting  
   81.     Application of Part in relation to meetings  
   82.     Creditor may inspect deed etc.  
   83.     Application of general provisions of Act to deeds of assignment  
   84.     Application of general provisions of Act to deeds of arrangement  
   85.     Application of general provisions of Act to compositions  
   86.     Filing of statement of deceased debtor's affairs etc. by legal personal representative  
   87.     Petition for administration under this Part by person administering deceased person's estate  
   88.     Application of Act in relation to administrations under this Part  
   89.     Effect of order under Part where deceased person was bankrupt  
   90.     Presumption about due convening of meetings etc.  
   92.     Failure of person to attend before the Court etc.  
   93.     Arrest of person failing to attend before the Court etc.  
   94.     Refusal to be sworn or give evidence etc.  
   95.     Prevarication or evasion in the course of examination  
   96.     Offences in relation to Registrar or magistrate conducting an examination  
   97.     Failure of bankrupt or debtor to disclose property etc.  
   99.     Offences in relation to deeds and compositions  
   101.    Bankrupt obtaining credit etc. without disclosing bankruptcy  
   102.    Bankrupts under repealed Act  
   103.    Payment of expenses by Commonwealth  
   104.    Protection of Registrars, magistrates etc. in relation to examinations  
   105.    Protection in respect of reports  
   106.    Application of certain amendments  
   107.    Some amendments made for avoidance of doubt  

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