Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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   1.      Short title.  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Certain provisions to bind Crown  
   5.      Time for payment of levy  
   6.      Liability of purchaser  
   7.      Penalty for non-payment  
   8.      Recovery of levy, &c.  
   9.      Refund of levy, &c.  
   10.     Barley Research Trust Account  
   11.     Moneys to be paid into Research Account  
   12.     Separate accounts to be kept  
   13.     Application of moneys in Research Account  
   14.     Agreements for carrying out of research  
   15.     Barley Industry Research Council  
   16.     Constitution of Council  
   17.     Chairman of Council  
   18.     Deputy members  
   19.     Termination of office of member or deputy member  
   20.     Resignation of member or deputy member  
   21.     Meetings of Council  
   22.     State Barley Industry Research Committees  
   23.     Constitution of State Committees  
   24.     Chairmen of State Committees  
   25.     Meetings of State Committees  
   26.     State Committees, &c., to notify Council of expenditure approved  
   27.     Remuneration and allowances  
   28.     Appointment of advisers  
   29.     Disclosure of interest by a member, &c.  
   30.     Power to call for information  
   31.     Access to premises  
   32.     Offences in relation to returns, &c.  
   33.     Averments  
   34.     Appointment of authorized officers and authorized persons  
   35.     Annual report  
   36.     Review of decisions  
   37.     Regulations  

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