Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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   1.      Short title.  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Object  
   4.      Repeal  
   5.      Incorporation  
   6.      Definitions  
   7.      Provisions relating to acquisition and disposal of, and entitlement to, shares, and associated persons  
   8.      Other interpretative and evidentiary provisions  
   9.      Relevant interests in shares  
   10.     Persons to whom Act applies  
   11.     Restriction on acquisition of shares  
   12.     Acquisitions to which section 11 does not apply  
   13.     Acquisition of shares permitted in certain circumstances  
   14.     Pari passu allotments  
   15.     Acquisition of not more than 3% of voting shares permitted in each 6 months 15. (1) Section 11 does not prohibit an acquisition of voting shares in a  
   16.     Take-over offers  
   17.     Take-over announcements  
   18.     Registration of Part A statements and offers  
   19.     Extension of time for paying consideration  
   20.     Take-over offers not to be subject to certain terms or conditions  
   21.     Withdrawal of offers  
   22.     Part B statement  
   23.     Offeror connected with target company  
   24.     Notice of offers to be served  
   25.     Acceptance of take-over offers by third parties  
   26.     Offeror not proposing to acquire all shares in class  
   27.     Variation or extension of take-over offers  
   28.     Declaration where take-over offers are conditional  
   29.     Conditional take-over offers not to be made unconditional in certain circumstances, &c.  
   30.     Take-over offers subject to conditions  
   31.     Effect of acquiring shares otherwise than under take-over scheme  
   32.     Part D statement  
   33.     Withdrawal of on-market offers  
   34.     Suspension of acceptance of offers made pursuant to take-over announcement  
   35.     Restriction on disposal of shares by offeror or on-market offeror  
   36.     Obligations of target company to provide information  
   37.     Forecasts of profits  
   38.     Statements on asset valuations  
   39.     Notification of acquisitions and disposals of shares  
   40.     Offerees or on-market offerees not to be given benefits except under take-over scheme or take-over announcement  
   41.     Expenses of directors of target company  
   42.     Provisions relating to dissenting shareholders  
   43.     Rights of remaining shareholders and holders of options and notes  
   44.     Liability for mis-statements  
   45.     Orders where prohibited acquisitions take place  
   46.     Orders where offers not dispatched pursuant to Part A statement  
   47.     Orders to protect rights under take-over schemes or announcements  
   48.     Court may excuse contravention or non-compliance due to inadvertence, &c.  
   49.     Miscellaneous provisions relating to orders  
   50.     Unfair or unconscionable agreements, payments or benefits  
   51.     Recording of resolutions  
   52.     Statements as to proposed take-over offers or announcements  
   53.     Offences  
   54.     Continuing offences  
   55.     Officers in default  
   56.     Service of documents and publication of notices  
   57.     Power to exempt from compliance with Act  
   58.     Power to declare that Act applies as if modified  
   59.     Commission to take account of certain matters  
   60.     Power of Commission to declare acquisition of shares or other conduct to be unacceptable.  
   61.     Power of Commission to intervene in proceedings  
   62.     Regulations  
   63.     Acquisition of shares within 6 months after commencement of Act  
   64.     Take-overs pending at commencement of Act  

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