Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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                   In this Act:

"Australian business law " means a law of the Commonwealth, or of a State or Territory, that is a law that regulates, or relates to the regulation of, business or persons engaged in business.

"Commonwealth body " means:

                     (a)  an Agency (within the meaning of the Public Service Act 1999 ); or

                     (b)  a body, whether incorporated or not, established for a public purpose by or under a law of the Commonwealth; or

                     (c)  a person:

                              (i)  holding or performing the duties of an office established by or under a law of the Commonwealth; or

                             (ii)  holding an appointment made under a law of the Commonwealth.

"data standards " means standards made by the Registrar under section 13.

"designated secrecy provision " has the meaning given by subsection 18(3).

"disclosure framework " means the disclosure framework made by the Registrar under section 16.

"excluded law " means:

                     (a)  the Corporations legislation (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 ); or

                     (b)  the Commonwealth credit legislation (within the meaning of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 ); or

                     (c)  the Business Names Registration Act 2011 and the Business Names Registration (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 2011 ; or

                     (d)  any other law of the Commonwealth in respect of which the Commonwealth Parliament has been referred matters:

                              (i)  by the Parliament or Parliaments of any State or States for the purposes of paragraph 51(xxxvii) of the Constitution; and

                             (ii)  to the extent of the making of laws with respect to those matters by making express amendments of that other law.

"government entity " has the meaning given by section 41 of the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 .

"official employment " means:

                     (a)  appointment or employment by the Commonwealth, or the performance of services for the Commonwealth; or

                     (b)  the exercise of powers or performance of functions under a delegation by the Registrar.

"protected information " means information:

                     (a)  obtained by a person in the course of the person's official employment; and

                     (b)  disclosed to the person or another person, or obtained by the person or another person:

                              (i)  under, or in relation to, this Act; or

                             (ii)  under another law of the Commonwealth in connection with particular functions or powers of the Registrar.

"Registrar " means a Commonwealth body appointed under section 6.

"rules " means the rules made under section 25.

"secrecy provision " has the meaning given by subsection 18(2).

"taxation law " has the same meaning as in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 .


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