Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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   1.      Short title.  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Aircraft or ships to which this Act applies  
   5.      Calculation of prescribed number of persons  
   6.      Vessels bringing certain persons to Australia  
   7.      Persons not to disable certain vessels  
   8.      Restrictions on disembarking from certain vessels  
   9.      Permits to disembark from certain vessels  
   10.     Application of Migration Act 1958 to relevant passengers  
   11.     Conveyance of passengers from Australia  
   12.     Arrest of passenger from certain vessels  
   13.     Master liable for maintenance of passengers  
   14.     Prescribed authorities  
   15.     Persons in custody under section 12  
   16.     Powers of officers  
   17.     Detention of vessels  
   18.     Minister may require vessels to be repaired  
   19.     Vessels may be required to depart  
   20.     Court may order forfeiture of vessel and cargo  
   21.     Obstruction of officers, &c.  
   22.     Evidence  
   23.     Prosecutions  
   24.     Offences against this Act may be dealt with summarily  
   25.     Jurisdiction of courts  
   26.     Powers of arrest  
   27.     Service of notices  
   28.     Delegation  
   29.     This Act not to affect liability of persons under other laws  
   30.     Regulations  
   31.     Cessation of operation of Act  

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