Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Definition of "date-controlled chemical product"-section 3 of the Code  
   5.      Definition of "excluded organism"-section 3 of the Code  
   6.      Definition of "protection period"-section 3 of the Code  
   7.      Definition of "agricultural chemical product"-section 4 of the Code  
   8.      Definition of "veterinary chemical product"-section 5 of the Code  
   9.      Certain agricultural products must contain dye or pigment  
   10.     Certain veterinary chemical products must contain dye marker, etc.  
   11.     Labels to contain certain information  
   12.     Labels to contain additional instructions  
   13.     Assessment of use of an active constituent as an undue hazard  
   14.     Assessment of use of a chemical product as an undue hazard  
   15.     Particulars of approved active constituents to be recorded  
   16.     Particulars of registered chemical products to be recorded  
   17.     Particulars of approved labels to be recorded  
   18.     Containers for the supply of registered chemical products  
   19.     Information to be given in notice to the applicant of approval or registration  
   20.     Continued approval of an active constituent  
   21.     Continued registration of a chemical product  
   22.     Continued approval of a label  
   23.     Late applications for renewal of registration of chemical product  
   24.     Protected registered information-notice to primary applicant  
   25.     Protected registered information-notice to secondary applicant  
   26.     Rules governing the conduct of an arbitration  
   27.     Notice of appointment of arbitrator  
   28.     Parties to give information to arbitrator  
   29.     Mediator to submit report  
   30.     Arbitrator to conduct a hearing  
   31.     Arbitrator to give the applicants notice of the hearing  
   32.     Arbitrator's powers if applicant does not attend the hearing  
   33.     Procedure at the hearing  
   34.     Representation at the hearing  
   35.     Arbitrator may require information etc.  
   36.     Fair proportion of cost of providing protected registration information  
   37.     Arbitrator's costs  
   38.     Applicants' costs of arbitration  
   39.     Arbitrator exonerated from liability  
   40.     Supply of substances for research etc. for chemical products  
   41.     Supply etc. of substances with constituents differing from registered particulars  
   42.     Prescribed standards for chemical products  
   43.     When statements about chemical products can be made or reported  
   44.     Record of manufacture or import of date-controlled chemical product  
   45.     Restricted chemical products  
   46.     Supply of chemical product-batch number or record of supply  
   47.     Supplier of hormonal growth promotant to have notification number  
   48.     Supply of hormonal growth promotant-purchaser's declaration  
   49.     Record of supply of hormonal growth promotant-manufacturer and supplier  
   50.     Record of supply of hormonal growth promotant-importer and supplier  
   51.     Record of supply of hormonal growth promotant-other suppliers  
   52.     Record of supply of hormonal growth promotant-general requirements  
   53.     Copy of records to be given to NRA  
   54.     Copy of records etc. to be kept  
   55.     Analysis of chemical products-tests  
   56.     Analysis at an accredited laboratory  
   57.     Additional requirement for the issue of a permit  
   58.     Coming into force of section 121 of the Code  
   59.     Manufacture of chemical products-exempt products  
   60.     Licence condition-holder to give information about manufacture  
   61.     Licence conditions-general  
   62.     Licence condition-naming persons in control of production etc.  
   63.     Method of securing samples  
   64.     Form of search warrant  
   65.     Prescribed authorities that may require further information  
   66.     Disclosure of confidential commercial information about toxicity etc.  
   67.     Disclosure of confidential commercial information about chemical products not yet registered etc.  
   68.     Disclosure of confidential commercial information to international organisations  
   69.     Disclosure of confidential commercial information-records  
   70.     Fees for applications  
   71.     Modular assessment fee  
   72.     Remission of fees for applications  
   73.     Fees for copies and extracts  
   74.     Payment of fees  
   75.     Notification that application has been received  
   76.     Period within which NRA is to determine application  
   77.     Modular assessment period  
   78.     Commencement of period for determining applications  
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