Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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2. Regulation 5 (Interpretation)
2.1 Insert the following definitions:

"'agreement' means the Air Transit Agreement or another agreement or
arrangement referred to in subsection 12 (2) of the Act;
'approved timetable' means:

   (a)  a timetable approved under paragraph 106C (1) (a) or (b); or

   (b)  if a timetable referred to in paragraph (a) is varied under
        subregulation 106D (1) or (3)-the timetable as varied;
'foreign country', in relation to an airline, means any country:

   (a)  in which the airline is incorporated; or

   (b)  in which the airline has its place of business; or

   (c)  in which any aircraft belonging to the airline is registered; or

   (d)  the government of which directly or indirectly controls the airline;

   (e)  of which the airline is a designated airline for the purposes of the
        relevant agreement;
'international air service' means a series of flights that:

   (a)  pass through the air-space over the territory of more than one
        country; and

   (b)  is performed by aircraft for the transport of passengers, mail or
        cargo for remuneration; and

   (c)  is operated so as to serve traffic between the same 2 or more points:

        (i)    according to a published timetable; or

        (ii)   with flights so regular or so frequent that they constitute a
               recognisable systematic series; other than a series of flights,
               between 2 or more points on Australian territory, that pass
               through the air-space of another country without stopping in
               that country;
'licensed international airline' means an airline holding a licence referred
to in section 12 of the Act;
'relevant agreement', in relation to a particular international air service,
means an agreement that governs the service;
'timetable', in relation to an international air service, includes:

   (a)  the route of the service; and

   (b)  the times of departure from, and arrival at, each terminal and
        intermediate stopping place on the route; and

   (c)  the frequency of the service; and

   (d)  the capacity on all or part of the route of the service concerned; and

   (e)  the type of aircraft operating on all or part of the route of the
        service concerned.". 

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