Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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5. Regulation 7 (When is AUSTUDY payable from?)
5.1 After subregulation 7 (1), insert:

"(1A) If a student resumes study after discontinuing full-time study for more
than 1 semester (disregarding a vacation or long vacation), AUSTUDY:

   (a)  is not payable to the student under paragraph (1) (a), (b) or (d),

        (i)    the discontinuance was due to the student's illness or other
               circumstances beyond his or her control; or

        (ii)   the student got AUSTUDY in the preceding year as a part-time
               student; and

   (b)  if subparagraph (a) (i) or (ii) applies-is payable to the student from
        the start of the student's course.".
5.2 Add at the end:

"(3) For the purposes of this regulation, if an articulated short course in an
articulated short course sequence can be combined with another articulated
short course in the sequence, that sequence is taken to be:

   (a)  a full year course, if the sequence is equivalent to a full year
        course; and

   (b)  a late starting course, if the sequence is equivalent to a late
        starting course; or

   (c)  a short course, if the sequence is equivalent to a short course.

"(4) In these Regulations:
'articulated short course' means a short course for which, together with
another short course, an award or accreditation may be awarded for another
approved course;
'articulated short course sequence' means a sequence of 2 or more articulated
short courses that:

   (a)  is undertaken by a student in a year of study; and

   (b)  begins on the first day of the first course in the sequence; and

   (c)  ends at the end of the last day of the last course in the sequence.". 

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