Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.01.   Citation  
   1.02.   Commencement  
   1.03.   Interpretation  
   2.01.   Purpose of Part 2  
   2.02.   Designation of air routes and airways  
   2.03.   Directions relating to air routes, airways and facilities  
   2.04.   Determination of controlled aerodromes and airspace etc.  
   2.05.   Particulars of air traffic services  
   2.06.   Notice of unavailability of air traffic services  
   2.07.   Declaration of prohibited, restricted or danger areas  
   2.08.   Publication of a declaration  
   2.09.   Designation of flying training areas  
   3.01.   Purpose of Part 3  
   3.02.   Functions of the Air Traffic Service  
   3.03.   Air traffic services-directions and instructions  
   3.04.   Removal of safety hazards  
   4.01.   Purpose of Part 4  
   4.02.   Functions of the Rescue and Firefighting Service  
   4.03.   Designation of officers in charge  
   4.04.   Duties and powers of officer in charge  
   4.05.   Arrangements with State or Territory fire brigades etc.  
   4.06.   Action not to lie against AA etc.  
   4.07.   Functions of the Search and Rescue Service  
   4.08.   Requisitioning transport for search and rescue operations  
   4.09.   Compensation for loss caused by requisitioning  
   4.10.   Claims for compensation for requisition loss  
   4.11.   Function of the Aeronautical Information Service  
   4.12.   Aeronautical Information Publication and Notices to Airmen  
   5.01.   Purpose of Part 5  
   5.02.   Meaning of damage to property  
   5.03.   Application for compensation for wake vortices damage  
   5.04.   Investigation and consideration of applications  
   5.05.   No right to compensation conferred by this Division  
   6.01.   Purpose of Part 6  
   6.02.   Register entries on imposition of statutory lien  
   6.03.   Who may request a certificate of statutory lien?  
   6.04.   Register entry on cessation of statutory lien  
   6.05.   Notices relating to statutory lien  
   6.06.   How the Register of Statutory Liens is to be maintained  
   6.07.   Who has the benefit of insurance of seized aircraft?  
   6.08.   Sale of aircraft  
   6.09.   Proceeds of sale-claims by creditors  
   6.10.   Distribution of proceeds of sale  
   7.01.   Purpose of Part 7  
   7.02.   Review of decisions  
   7.03.   Evidence of a flight  
   7.04.   Evidence-general  
   7.05.   Exercise of powers etc. in relation to existing instruments  

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