Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      Application of Regulations  
   4.      Authority  
   5.      Civil Aviation Orders  
   6.      Authorised persons  
   7.      Delegation by the Authority  
   8.      Register of Australian aircraft  
   9.      Declarations by applicants  
   10.     Refusal to register an aircraft  
   11.     Transfer of interest etc. by holder of certificate of registration  
   12.     Cancellation of the registration of Australian aircraft  
   13.     Register of Australian aircraft to be available to interested persons  
   14.     Foreign aircraft not to be registered  
   15.     Nationality of aircraft  
   16.     Nationality and registration marks  
   17.     Location of marks  
   18.     Type and measurements of letters for marks  
   19.     Marking of certain heavier-than-air aircraft  
   20.     Advertisements and owner's marks  
   21.     Design standards  
   22.     Certificate of type approval  
   23.     Notification in respect of types of aircraft etc.  
   24.     Certificates of airworthiness of Australian aircraft  
   25.     Conditions of certificates of airworthiness  
   26.     Suspension or cancellation of a certificate of airworthiness  
   27.     Owner or operator to pass information to other persons  
   28.     Export certificate of airworthiness  
   29.     Damage etc. to aircraft of a Contracting State  
   30.     Certificates of approval  
   31.     Aircraft maintenance engineer licences  
   32.     Period of operation of certificates and licences  
   33.     Testing of competency of holder of licence  
   34.     Systems of certification of completion of activities  
   35.     Approval of design of modification or repair  
   36.     Approval of aircraft components for use as replacements  
   37.     Permissible unserviceabilities  
   38.     Requirements for the maintenance of Australian aircraft  
   39.     Maintenance of Australian aircraft in Australian territory  
   40.     Use of aircraft material in the servicing etc. of Australian aircraft  
   41.     Maintenance of Australian aircraft outside Australian territory  
   42.     No certification unless aircraft component etc. is serviceable  
   43.     Maintenance releases in respect of Australian aircraft  
   44.     Conditions with respect to maintenance releases  
   45.     Suspension or cancellation of maintenance release  
   46.     Owner or operator to pass information to other persons  
   47.     Maintenance release to cease to be in force  
   48.     Maintenance release to recommence to be in force  
   49.     Permissible unserviceabilities to be endorsed on maintenance releases  
   50.     Defects and major damage to be endorsed on maintenance release  
   51.     Defects in Australian aircraft to be reported  
   52.     Defects in aircraft components to be reported  
   53.     Investigation of defects of Australian aircraft  
   54.     Records in relation to maintenance etc. to be kept  
   55.     Member of flight crew to be licensed  
   56.     Classification of licences and ratings  
   57.     Privileges and limitations according to the category of licence held  
   58.     Duration of licences  
   59.     Duration of ratings  
   60.     Ages of applicants for licences  
   61.     Proof of identity  
   62.     Medical standards  
   63.     Authority to reconsider in certain circumstances refusal to grant licence  
   64.     Temporary medical unfitness of persons holding licences  
   65.     Aeronautical knowledge, experience and skill  
   66.     Pilot licence to be in respect of particular types and categories of aircraft  
   67.     Endorsement of radio operator licences with types of aircraft and equipment  
   68.     Renewal of licences and ratings  
   69.     Recent experience  
   70.     Flight time limitations  
   71.     Flight time limitations on holders of licences other than private pilot licences  
   72.     Re-examination etc. of holders of licences  
   73.     Licences or certificates issued by authorities outside the Commonwealth  
   74.     Publications to be possessed by licence holders  
   75.     Flight instructors  
   76.     Ground instructors  
   77.     Personal log books  
   78.     Navigation logs  
   79.     Form of log books and logs  
   80.     Retention of log books and logs  
   81.     Directions under this Part  
   82.     Equipment of Australian aircraft with radio systems  
   83.     Use and operation of radio systems by Australian aircraft  
   84.     Use and operation of radio systems by foreign aircraft  
   85.     Directions under Part VIII  
   86.     Establishment of air route and airway facilities  
   87.     Designation of air routes and airways  
   88.     Licensing of aerodromes  
   89.     Authorisation of places for use as aerodromes  
   90.     Access of official aircraft to aerodromes  
   91.     Use of aerodromes by aircraft of Contracting States  
   92.     Use of aerodromes etc.  
   93.     Protection of certain rights  
   94.     Dangerous lights  
   95.     Removal or marking of objects which constitute obstructions or potential hazards to air navigation  
   96.     Dumping of rubbish  
   97.     Establishment etc. of Air Traffic Control  
   98.     Functions of Air Traffic Control  
   99.     Designation of airspace  
   100.    Compliance with air traffic control clearances and air traffic control instructions  
   101.    Procedure when Air Traffic Control not in operation  
   102.    Air traffic controller to be specially authorised or licensed  
   103.    Classification of ratings  
   104.    Qualifications for grant of air traffic controller licence  
   105.    Temporary medical unfitness of holder of licence  
   106.    Duration of ratings  
   107.    Re-examination etc. of holders of licences and ratings  
   108.    Licence issued by authority other than Australian  
   109.    Establishment etc. of Flight Service  
   110.    Functions of Flight Service  
   111.    Designation of airspace  
   112.    Flight Service officers to be specially authorised or licensed  
   113.    Classification of ratings  
   114.    Qualifications for grant of flight service officer licence  
   115.    Medical unfitness of holder of licence  
   116.    Duration of ratings  
   117.    Re-examination of holders of licences  
   118.    Licence issued by authority other than Australian  
   119.    Provision of meteorological information  
   120.    Weather reports not to be used unless made with authority  
   121.    Establishment etc. of search and rescue organisation  
   122.    Compliance with Convention requirements  
   123.    Requisitioning of aircraft for search and rescue operations  
   124.    Application of Division in relation to state aircraft  
   125.    Interpretation  
   126.    Establishment etc. of Service  
   127.    Functions of Service  
   128.    Duties and powers of officer in charge of Service  
   129.    Arrangements with respect to State fire brigades  
   130.    Policies of insurance against fire  
   131.    Action not to lie against the Authority etc.  
   132.    Statistical returns  
   133.    Australian aircraft and unregistered aircraft  
   134.    Permission for certain flights  
   135.    Foreign aircraft of Contracting States  
   136.    Foreign state aircraft  
   137.    Pilotless aircraft  
   138.    Flight manual  
   139.    Documents to be carried in Australian aircraft  
   140.    Prohibited, restricted and danger areas  
   141.    Flying training areas  
   142.    Vertical air photography  
   143.    Carriage of firearms  
   144.    Discharge of firearms in or from an aircraft  
   145.    Emergency authority  
   146.    Liability as to neglect of rules regarding lights etc.  
   147.    Australian aircraft in or over territory of a State which is not a Contracting State  
   148.    Negligent etc. operation of aircraft  
   149.    Towing  
   150.    Dropping of articles  
   151.    Picking up of persons or objects  
   152.    Parachute descents  
   153.    Flight under simulated instrument flying conditions  
   154.    Flight instruction to student for solo flying  
   155.    Acrobatic flight  
   156.    Flying over public gatherings  
   157.    Low flying  
   158.    Reports at designated points or intervals  
   159.    Procedure on radio failure  
   160.    Interpretation  
   161.    Right of way  
   162.    Rules for prevention of collision  
   163.    Operation in proximity to other aircraft  
   164.    Responsibility for compliance with rules of this Division  
   165.    Temporary suspension of rules  
   166.    Operation on and in the vicinity of an aerodrome  
   167.    Procedure at controlled aerodromes  
   168.    Aerodromes at which the operation of aircraft is not restricted to runways  
   169.    Preventing of collisions at sea  
   170.    Interpretation  
   171.    V.F.R. flight  
   172.    V.F.R. flights at less than 5,000 feet  
   173.    V.F.R. flights at or above 5,000 feet  
   174.    Determination of visibility  
   175.    I.F.R. flight  
   176.    Qualification of pilot in command  
   177.    Equipment of aircraft for I.F.R. flight  
   178.    Minimum height for I.F.R. flight  
   179.    Approved instrument approach procedures to be used  
   180.    Cruising levels for I.F.R. flights  
   181.    Flight procedure for I.F.R. flight where cruising level cannot be maintained  
   182.    Use of prescribed signals  
   183.    Responsibility for complying with this Part  
   184.    Two-way radiotelephony communication  
   185.    Visual signals  
   186.    Pilot in command to maintain look out for visual signals  
   187.    Light signals  
   188.    Pyrotechnic signals  
   189.    Ground signals  
   190.    Warning signal  
   191.    Transmission of signals  
   192.    Distress signals  
   193.    Urgency signals  
   194.    Safety signal  
   195.    Compliance with rules as to lights  
   196.    Aeroplanes in flight or on the manoeuvring area of land aerodromes  
   197.    Aeroplanes under way on the surface of water  
   198.    Aeroplanes at anchor or moored on the surface of water  
   199.    Aeroplanes aground on the surface of water  
   200.    Gliders  
   201.    Free balloons  
   202.    Captive balloons and kites  
   203.    Airships under way and under command  
   204.    Airships not under command or which have stopped engines or being towed  
   205.    Moored airships  
   206.    Commercial purposes-subsection 27 (9) of the Act  
   207.    Requirements according to operations on which Australian aircraft used  
   208.    Number of operating crew  
   209.    Private operations  
   210.    Restriction of advertising of commercial operations  
   211.    Applications-Air Operators' Certificates  
   212.    Operator  
   213.    Organisation  
   214.    Training of maintenance personnel  
   215.    Operations manual  
   216.    Flight time records  
   217.    Training and checking organisation  
   218.    Route qualifications of pilot in command of a regular public transport aircraft  
   219.    Route qualifications of pilot in command of a charter aircraft  
   220.    Fuel instructions and records  
   221.    Facilities and safety devices for public  
   222.    Proving tests  
   223.    Operator to ensure employees and flight crew familiar with local laws and regulations  
   224.    Pilot in command  
   225.    Pilots at controls  
   226.    Dual controls  
   227.    Admission to crew compartment  
   228.    Unauthorised persons not to manipulate controls  
   229.    Aircraft not to be taxied except by pilot  
   230.    Starting up aircraft engines  
   231.    Pilot may manipulate propeller in certain cases  
   232.    Flight check system  
   233.    Responsibility of pilot in command before flight  
   234.    Fuel requirements  
   235.    Take-off and landing of aircraft etc.  
   236.    Flight under Visual Flight Rules  
   237.    Flights under Instrument Flight Rules  
   238.    Icing conditions  
   239.    Planning of flight by pilot in command  
   240.    Flight plans-approval by Air Traffic Control in certain cases  
   241.    Flight plans-submission to Air Traffic Control in certain cases  
   242.    Testing of radio apparatus  
   243.    Listening watch  
   244.    Safety precautions before take-off  
   245.    Tests before and during the take-off run  
   246.    Movement on manoeuvring area  
   247.    Meteorological conditions observed en route  
   248.    Reporting of defects  
   249.    Prohibition of carriage of passengers on certain flights  
   250.    Carriage on wings, undercarriages etc.  
   251.    Seat belts and safety harness  
   252.    Provision of emergency systems etc.  
   253.    Emergency and life-saving equipment  
   254.    Exits and passageways not to be obstructed  
   255.    Smoking in aircraft  
   256.    Intoxicated persons not to act as pilots etc. or be carried on aircraft  
   257.    Aerodrome meteorological minima  
   258.    Flights over water  
   259.    Free balloons  
   260.    Fixed balloons and kites  
   261.    Land stations not to engage in Aeronautical Mobile Radio Service except with permission  
   262.    Carriage of examiners  
   263.    Interpretation  
   264.    Refusal to grant licence or certificate  
   265.    Suspension of licence for purposes of examination  
   266.    Cancellation at request of holder  
   267.    Variation at request of holder  
   268.    Suspension of licence or certificate pending investigation  
   269.    Variation, suspension or cancellation of licence or certificate  
   270.    Effect of effluxion of time in relation to the suspension of a licence or certificate  
   271.    Entries relating to suspension and cancellations  
   272.    Liability for expense arising out of cancellation or suspension of licence or certificate  
   273.    Register of Statutory Liens  
   274.    Sale of aircraft  
   275.    Claims by creditors  
   276.    Distribution of proceeds of sale  
   277.    Certificates  
   278.    Notice relating to statutory lien  
   279.    Insurance of aircraft  
   280.    Supply of records  
   281.    Offences in general  
   282.    Offences in relation to licences and certificates  
   283.    False statements  
   284.    Dishonest acts in relation to licences and certificates  
   285.    Interference with crew or aircraft  
   286.    Stowaways  
   287.    Power of Court to order returns etc. to be furnished  
   288.    Detention of aircraft  
   289.    Creation of fire hazard  
   290.    Firearms-Federal airports  
   291.    Stationary aircraft within precincts of an aerodrome  
   292.    Damaged aircraft on movement area to be reported  
   293.    Removal of aircraft from movement area  
   294.    Prohibition of entry etc. on prohibited area  
   295.    Use of rockets  
   296.    Time for commencing prosecutions  
   297.    Evidence  
   298.    Application for licences etc.  
   299.    Change of address  
   300.    Restrictions on issue of licences etc.  
   301.    Surrender of documents  
   302.    Production of licences etc.  
   303.    Conditions subject to which licences or certificates are granted  
   304.    Directions and instructions-section 23 of the Act  
   305.    Access of authorised person to aerodromes, aircraft etc.  
   306.    Liability for damage to aircraft during official tests  
   307.    Colouring of certain aircraft  
   308.    Exemption of certain aircraft from specified provisions of these Regulations  
   309.    Powers of pilot in command  
   310.    Variation of meaning of "night"  
   311.    Transitional  

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