Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Commencement  
   2.      Amendment  
   3.      Regulation 2 (Interpretation)  
   4.      Regulation 4 (Authority)  
   5.      Regulation 4A (Prescribed functions of Authority-advising Minister etc.)  
   6.      Regulation 7 (Delegation)  
   7.      Regulation 13B (Certificate of registration)  
   8.      Regulation 13F (Certain particulars to be given to Authority)  
   9.      Regulation 13I (Loss etc. of certificate of registration)  
   10.     Regulation 13S (Issue of new certificate of registration)  
   11.     Regulation 14 (Authority may ask for further particulars)  
   12.     Regulation 16 (Nationality and registration marks)  
   13.     Regulation 16A (Application for new registration mark)  
   14.     Regulation 20B (Authority may declare recognised authorities)  
   15.     Regulation 23 (Authority may notify that certificate of type approval etc. a prerequisite for certificate of airworthiness)  
   16.     Regulation 31A (Authority may specify activities relating to categories)  
   17.     Regulation 42B (Maintenance schedule: CAA maintenance schedule)  
   18.     Regulation 42K (System of maintenance: submission to Authority)  
   19.     Regulation 42Q (Authority may direct changes)  
   20.     Regulation 51B (Defects discovered in complying with directions by the Authority)  
   21.     Regulation 5.09 (Flight crew licence: issue and refusal)  
   22.     Regulation 5.14 (Flight crew rating: issue and refusal)  
   23.     Regulation 5.23 (Aircraft endorsement: issue and refusal)  
   24.     Regulation 5.27 (Certificate of validation: issue)  
   25.     Regulation 5.198 (Special pilot licence: issue and refusal)  
   26.     Regulation 82 (Equipment of Australian aircraft with radiocommunication systems)  
   27.     Regulation 83A (Aircraft radiotelephone operator certificate of proficiency: issue)  
   28.     Regulation 89C (Grant of aerodrome licence)  
   29.     Regulation 94 (Dangerous lights)  
   30.     Regulation 99AA (Air Traffic-Services, directions and instructions)  
   31.     Regulation 132 (Statistical returns)  
   32.     Regulation 141 (Flying training areas)  
   33.     Regulation 297 (Evidence)  
   34.     References to "the Authority" in Regulations and CAOs  
   35.     References to "CAA" in Regulations and CAOs  
   36.     Repeals  
   37.     Notes  

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