Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Amendment  
   2.      Regulation 4 (Interpretation)  
   3.      Regulation 19 (Specimen signatures)  
   4.      Regulation 22 (Notification of inscription of stock, etc.)  
   5.      Regulation 23 (Transfers of stock within a Registry)  
   6.      Regulation 24 (Transfer of stock to another Registry without change of ownership)  
   7.      Regulation 24A (Transfer of stock to another Registry with change of ownership)  
   8.      Regulation 24B (Dealings by joint owners)  
   9.      Regulation 27 (Exhibition of probates, etc.)  
   10.     Regulation 32 (Payment of interest)  
   11.     Regulation 36 (Change of address)  
   12.     Regulation 40 (Redemption of interminable stock)  
   13.     Regulation 41 (Issue of bearer securities in exchange for stock)  
   14.     Regulation 47 (Certain provisions of Treasury Bills Act not to apply to Treasury Bonds, Debentures and prescribed securities)  
   15.     Regulation 49 (Application of Treasury Bills Act to Treasury Notes)  
   16.     Regulation 49B (Exchange of bearer securities)  
   17.     Regulation 57 (Powers of attorney to be left for notation)  
   18.     Regulation 66 (Replacement of defaced bearer securities)  
   19.     Regulation 66A (Destruction of bearer securities)  
   20.     Regulation 69 (General Register of Treasury Bonds)  

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