Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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5. After regulation 2 of the Principal Regulations the following regulation is
inserted: Attendances by authorised officers to which section 3A of the Act
does not apply

"2A. For the purposes of section 3A of the Act, each of the following is
declared to be an attendance to which that section does not apply:

   (a)  an attendance for the purpose of granting an export permit;

   (b)  an attendance to inspect the removal of fish from an establishment
        other than at the request of the occupier of that establishment;

   (c)  an attendance at an establishment registered for the preparation of
        fish, made solely for the purpose of determining whether or not the
        establishment complies with the provisions of any export control order
        applicable to fish relating to standards of hygiene and sanitation
        that are applicable to that establishment;

   (d)  an attendance by an officer of the head office of the Department made
        in connection with, and prior to, the approval by the Secretary of an
        arrangement between the Department and the occupier of an
        establishment entered into pursuant to an export control order, being
        an arrangement with respect to inspection procedures the purpose of
        which is to ensure the quality of prescribed commodities prepared at

   (e)  that part of an attendance to inspect more than one product at an
        establishment in which more than one product, including a product in
        respect of which service charge is not payable, are separately
        prepared, during which the product in respect of which service charge
        is not payable is inspected.". 

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