Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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Use of vessels
A person must not use a vessel in an area of water in a Commonwealth reserve in contravention of a determination by the Director under subregulation (2).

15 penalty units

The Director may determine:

that an area of water is an area where the use of vessels or a class of vessels is prohibited at all times, at specified times or during a specified period; and

for an area of water where the use of vessels or a class of vessels is allowed, any of the following conditions:

that a vessel is not to be used during a specified period;
the maximum number of vessels that may be used in a specified area at any time;
the maximum speed at which a vessel may proceed;
that a vessel may be launched only from a launching area;
that a vessel may be anchored only in an anchoring area;
that a vessel may be moored only in a mooring area;
that a vessel may be anchored or moored only in a specified manner.
If the Director makes a determination to include a condition mentioned in subparagraph (2) (b) (iv), (v) or (vi), the determination must specify the launching area, anchoring area or mooring area by reference to natural features, other objects, structures, survey points or latitude and longitude.

Notice of a determination must be published, unless the determination is made to deal with an emergency that may endanger public safety.

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