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Nomination for native species
This regulation applies to a nomination for a native species to be included in a particular category of the list referred to in section 178 of the Act.

The nomination must include the following information:

the scientific name (if any) of the species;

any common name, or names by which the species is known to a person making the nomination;

if the species is not conventionally accepted:

a taxonomic description of the species in a form suitable for publication in conventional scientific literature; or
if a description for subparagraph (i) is not available, evidence that a scientific institution has a specimen of the species and a written statement, signed by a person who is a taxonomist and has relevant expertise, that the person thinks the species is a new species;
the category for which the species is nominated;

why a person making the nomination thinks that the species comes within the definition of the category for which it is nominated;

if a species is nominated for a category mentioned in subsection 179 (3), (4) or (5) of the Act, why a person making the nomination thinks that the species meets the criteria mentioned in regulation 7.01 for the category.

For subparagraph (2) (c) (ii), a person has relevant expertise if the person has worked, or is a published author, on the class of species nominated.

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