Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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31. (1) AFMA must publish a form of logbook if the Chairperson believes that
information should be recorded in the logbook for the purposes of the Act in
relation to:

   (a)  the taking of fish in Australian waters; or

   (b)  the sale of fish taken in Australian waters; or

   (c)  the carrying or transhipping of fish taken in Australian waters; or

   (d)  the use in the AFZ of a boat operating under a foreign fishing
        licence; or

   (e)  the use of an Australian boat in a managed fishery.

(2) A form of logbook must be appropriate to:

   (a)  the kind of fish; and

   (b)  the kind of fishing activity; and

   (c)  the area of waters; in relation to which information is to be

(3) A form of logbook must have a marking by which it can be distinguished
from AFMA's other forms of logbook.

(4) The information to be included in a form of logbook may include:

   (a)  in relation to the boat being used to take fish:

        (i)    the physical characteristics of the boat and its equipment; and

        (ii)   its means of identification; and

   (b)  if the master of the boat has a certificate of competency:

        (i)    the number of the certificate; and

        (ii)   the name of the authority that issued it; and

   (c)  in relation to the person on the boat who is in charge of taking fish:

        (i)    the person's name; and

        (ii)   the duration of the person's experience in the method of
               fishing being used; and

   (d)  in relation to the crew of the boat:

        (i)    the number of crew members; and

        (ii)   the number of crew members who are normally directly engaged in
               taking fish; and

   (e)  in relation to fish taken using the boat:

        (i)    details of the fish; and

        (ii)   circumstances related to the taking of the fish; and

        (iii)  details of the sale or disposal of the fish. 

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