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Tender for the grant of a fishing right
7. For the purposes of subsection 28 (1) of the Act, if a grant of a fishing
right is to be made by tender, the following procedures are prescribed to
select the person to whom the grant will be made:

   (a)  the Managing Director must maintain a Register of Tenders for the
        purposes of this regulation;

   (b)  the Managing Director must, in writing, nominate a place at which AFMA
        will keep envelopes containing tenders until they are opened;

   (c)  AFMA must keep the envelopes at the place nominated under paragraph

   (d)  the Managing Director must ensure that a representative is present
        when the envelopes are opened;

   (e)  the Managing Director must open the envelopes as soon as practicable
        after the period for lodging them ends;

   (f)  the Managing Director must record the name of each tenderer and the
        amount of the tender in the Register of Tenders when the envelope is

   (g)  the Managing Director must rank the persons making the tenders in the
        order of the person making the highest tender first, followed by the
        remaining persons in descending order of the amounts of their tenders;

   (h)  if more than 1 person makes a tender of the same amount, the Managing
        Director must rank those persons in the order in which their envelopes
        are opened. 

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