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Ballot for the grant of a fishing right
8. For the purposes of subsection 28 (1) of the Act, if a grant of a fishing
right is to be made by ballot, the following procedures are prescribed to
select the person to whom the grant will be made:

   (a)  the Managing Director must write the name of each eligible person on a
separate piece of paper (in this regulation referred to as the "ballot paper")
that is the same size as the other ballot papers;

   (b)  the Managing Director must ensure that a representative is present
        when the ballot is conducted;

   (c)  the Managing Director must show the ballot papers to all persons who
        are present before the ballot is conducted;

   (d)  the Managing Director must place the ballot papers in a container
        within which the papers cannot become snagged or trapped;

   (e)  the Managing Director must shake or turn the container to mix the
        ballot papers;

   (f)  the representative must draw 1 ballot paper at a time from the
        container until it is empty;

   (g)  the Managing Director must record the names of the eligible persons in
        the order in which the names were drawn. 

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