Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      Accounting offices  
   4.      Appointment of chief accounting officer, &c., for accounting office  
   5.      Appointment of chief accounting officer, &c., for overseas office  
   6.      Overseas certifying officer not to be appointed as cashier  
   7.      Existing appointments  
   8.      Responsibilities of chief accounting office  
   9.      Responsibilities of receiver of public moneys  
   10.     Responsibilities of paymaster and cashier  
   11.     Overseas authorizing officer to keep appropriation ledger  
   12.     Responsibilities of overseas certifying officer  
   13.     Overseas certifying officer may give certificate in certain circumstances after certain requirements have been complied with  
   14.     Bank accounts bearing designation "Australian Public Account"  
   15.     Opening of bank account in respect of overseas office  
   16.     Amount credited to bank account deemed to be advance to paymaster, &c.  
   17.     Cheque not to be drawn on bank account for amount exceeding credit balance, &c.  
   18.     Reconciliation of bank accounts  
   19.     Investment of credit balances of bank accounts  
   20.     Arrangements for payment of moneys outside Australia  
   21.     Request for procurement of supplies by overseas office  
   22.     Requisition for supplies  
   23.     Expenditure in cases of emergency  
   24.     Quotations  
   25.     Tenders to be invited for certain supplies  
   26.     Cases in which quotations or tenders are not required  
   27.     Tender Board  
   28.     Authorization, &c., in relation to cash payments, &c.  
   29.     Advances  
   30.     Transfer of advances  
   31.     Record of advances  
   32.     Adjustments in respect of advances  
   33.     Review of advances  
   34.     Minister may direct an officer to inspect books  
   35.     Directions  
   36.     Delegation by Minister  
   37.     Delegation by Secretary  
   38.     Delegation by Permanent Head  

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