Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Commencement  
   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      Repeal of regulation 5AA  
   4.      Repeal of regulation 5B  
   6.      Receivers and Collectors relieved of duty  
   7.      Procedure where cheque paid into public account is dishonoured  
   8.      Method of drawing cheques on certain accounts  
   9.      Responsibility for safe custody of securities  
   10.     Receipts  
   11.     Where certain forms may be obtained  
   12.     Method of obtaining licence and receipt forms by officers  
   13.     Repeal of regulation 52B  
   14.     Publication of provisions of certain contracts  
   16.     Preparation of statement of variations in pay, &c., and the reasons therefor  
   17.     Preparation of certificates of statements of variations in pay, &c.  
   18.     Petty cash expenditure  
   19.     Preparation of accounts for refunds of revenue and payments from Trust Fund  
   20.     Review of advances  
   21.     Appropriation ledger  
   22.     Statement of probable requirements for expenditure to be prepared  
   23.     Expenditure not to be authorized until Warrant Authority obtained  
   24.     Repeal of regulation 91  
   25.     Officers to exercise due economy  
   26.     Authorizing Officer to secure prompt return of paid accounts  
   28.     Reconciliation of bank accounts  
   29.     Repeal of regulation 107  
   30.     Arrangements for payment of salaries  
   31.     Cheques to be countersigned  
   32.     Payment of accounts  
   35.     Act, Regulations and directions to be accessible to certain officers  
   36.     Repeal of regulation 132  
   37.     The Schedule  
   38.     Transitional  

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