Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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           Division 1--Preliminary

   1.      Name  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Authority  
   4.      Schedule 7  

           Division 2--Interpretation of this instrument

   5.      Definitions  
   6.      References to laws of Queensland  
   7.      Meaning from Zoning Plan applies in relation to Amalgamated Great Barrier Reef Section  
   8.       Geographic coordinates  

           Division 3--Prescribing matters for the purposes of the Act

   9.      Pilots--prescribed law for the purposes of subsection 3(1)  
   10.     Protected species--declaration for purposes of the Act  
   11.     Meaning of relevant permission  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   12.     Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Prescribing definitions and limitations for the purposes of the Zoning Plan

   13.     Accreditation of educational or research institutions  
   14.     Accreditation of harvest fisheries  
   15.     Bait netting--limitations on netting  
   16.     Definition of defence activities  
   17.     Fishing or collecting--limitations  
   18.     Harvest fisheries--declaration of fisheries  
   19.     Limited collecting--limitations  
   20.     Definition of limited impact research (extractive)  
   21.     Definition of limited impact research (non-extractive)  
   22.     Limited spearfishing--limitations  
   23.     Limited trapping--limitations  
   24.     Managed vessel or aircraft--declaration of vessels  
   25.     Definition of Mission Beach Leader Prawn Broodstock Capture Area  
   26.     Definition of motorised watersports  
   27.     Netting--limitations  
   28.     Pelagic species--declaration  
   29.     Definition of photography, filming or sound recording  
   30.     Protected species--declaration for purposes of the Zoning Plan  
   31.     Queensland fisheries legislation  
   32.     Definition of ship  
   33.     Stowed or secured--requirements  
   34.     Definitions of traditional owner and traditional owner group  
   35.     Trapping--limitations  
   36.     Trawling--limitations  
   37.     Trolling--limitation  
   38.     Definition of vessel or aircraft charter operation  

           Division 3--Prescribing other matters for the purposes of the Zoning Plan

   39.     Activities prohibited in zones  
   40.     Remote Natural Area--purposes for which the area may not be used or entered  

           Division 4--Special Management Areas and special management provisions

   41.     Purpose of this Division  
   42.     Interpretation  
   43.     Types of Special Management Areas  
   44.     Species Conservation (Dugong Protection) SMAs  
   45.     Seasonal Closure (Offshore Ribbon Reefs) SMAs  
   46.     No Dories Detached (Offshore Ribbon Reefs) SMAs  
   47.     Restricted Access SMAs  
   48.     Public Appreciation SMAs  
   49.     No Dories Detached (Marine National Park Zone) SMAs  
   50.     One Dory Detached (Conservation Park Zone) SMAs  
   51.     One Dory Detached (Buffer Zone) SMAs  
   52.     Natural Resources Conservation (Mermaid Cove, Lizard Island) SMA  
   53.     Maritime Cultural Heritage Protection SMAs  
   54.     Emergency Special Management Areas  
   55.     Extension and revocation of designation  

           Division 5--Additional purposes for use or entry

   56.     Entry to zones for purpose of taking certain protected species  
   57.     Directions given following notice of proposed conduct  
   58.     Commercial activities on Low Island  

           Division 6--Fishing and related offences

   59.     Purposes of this Division  
   60.     Conservation Park Zone--fishing offence  
   61.     Marine National Park Zone--fishing or collecting offence  
   62.     Dories not under tow or attached in non-fishing areas  
   63.     Multiple dories in Buffer Zone or Conservation Park Zone--offence by master of vessel, or licence or permission holder  
   64.     Multiple dories in Buffer Zone or Conservation Park Zone--offence by person on dory  

           Division 7--Authorisations relating to Hinchinbrook Planning Area

   65.     Purpose of this Division  
   66.     Application for Hinchinbrook authorisation  
   67.     Asking for more information about application  
   68.     Consideration of application  
   69.     Grant or refusal of Hinchinbrook authorisation  
   70.     When condition or refusal has effect  
   71.     Hinchinbrook authorisation is part of permission  
   72.     How long Hinchinbrook authorisation remains in force  
   73.     Variation of Hinchinbrook authorisation in certain circumstances  


           Division 1--Introduction

   74.     Simplified outline of this Part  
   75.     Permissions to which this Part applies  

           Division 2--Applications for permissions

              Subdivision A----Making applications for permissions

   76.     How applications for permissions must be made  

              Subdivision B----Deciding whether applications are properly made

   77.     Authority must decide whether applications are properly made  

              Subdivision C----Additional information

   78.     Additional information  

              Subdivision D----Withdrawal of applications

   79.     Withdrawal of applications  
   80.     Withdrawals of EPBC referral deemed applications  

              Subdivision E----Applications for special permissions

   81.     Purpose of Subdivision  
   82.     Meaning of special permission  
   83.     Only certain persons may apply for special permission  
   84.     Invitations for expressions of interest  
   85.     Consideration of expressions of interest to determine entitled person  
   86.     Ranking expressions of interest  
   87.     Declaration of entitled person  
   88.     Giving declaration to entitled person  
   89.     Ceasing to be an entitled person  

           Division 3--Assessment of impacts of proposed conduct

              Subdivision A----Deciding on approach for assessment

   90.     Application of this Subdivision  
   91.     Authority must decide on approach for assessment  
   92.     Considerations in deciding on approach for assessment  

              Subdivision B----Assessment by public information package

   93.     Application of this Subdivision  
   94.     Publication of information and advertisement  
   95.     Dealing with response to publication of information and advertisement  
   96.     Applicant to act in accordance with PIP terms  

              Subdivision C----Assessment by public environment report or environmental impact statement

   97.     Application of this Subdivision  
   98.     Terms of reference for public environment report or environmental impact statement  
   99.     Publication of proposed conduct advertisement by Authority  
   100.    Alternative procedure for EPBC referral deemed application  

              Subdivision D----Application treated as withdrawn for delay in following assessment processes

   101.    Withdrawal of applications for failure to advertise for public comment  
   102.    Authority may require action on assessment process and declare application withdrawn for failure to comply  

           Division 4--Consideration of applications

   103.    Mandatory considerations in deciding whether to grant permission  
   104.    Limit on granting permission for dumping  
   105.    Limits on granting permissions to take protected species  
   106.    Limits on granting permissions to take leader prawn broodstock in Habitat Protection Zone in Mission Beach Leader Prawn Broodstock Capture Area  
   107.    Limit on granting permissions to swim with dwarf minke whales in part of the Cairns Planning Area--maximum number  
   108.    Limits on granting permissions to enter or use Princess Charlotte Bay SMA--special management provisions  
   109.    Limits on granting permissions to enter or use Maritime Cultural Heritage Protection SMAs--special management provisions  
   110.    Considerations for permissions to camp on Commonwealth islands  

           Division 5--Granting and refusing permissions

   111.    Grant or refusal of permission  
   112.    Application to be decided within reasonable time  
   113.    Decision on EPBC referral deemed applications  

           Division 6--Form, term and conditions of permissions

   114.    Form of permission  
   115.    Term of permission  
   116.    Certain permissions to continue in force  
   117.    Conditions of permission  
   118.    Authorities under permissions  

           Division 7--Transfer of permissions and changes in beneficial ownership

              Subdivision A----Transfer of permissions

   119.    Application to transfer permission  
   120.    Mandatory considerations in deciding whether to approve transfer of permission  
   121.    Further information required to consider application  
   122.    Transfer of permissions related to approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999  
   123.    Approval of transfer  
   124.    Transfer of Hinchinbrook authorisation attached to, or authority given under, permission  

              Subdivision B----Change in beneficial ownership of company

   125.    Change in beneficial ownership of permission holder that is a company  
   126.    Further particulars about change in beneficial ownership  
   127.    Modification, suspension or revocation relating to change in beneficial ownership  

           Division 8--Modification, suspension and revocation

   128.    Modification of permission conditions  
   129.    Modification of conditions or suspension of permission--pending investigation  
   130.    Action following investigation  
   131.    Suspension of permission--environmental management charge  
   132.    Revocation of permission--general  
   133.    Revoked permission to be reinstated in particular circumstances  

           Division 9--Offence provisions

   134.    Purpose of Division  
   135.    Requirement to produce permission etc. for inspection  
   136.    Notification of change in beneficial ownership  
   137.    Conviction after permission etc. is suspended or revoked  

           Division 10--Miscellaneous

   138.    Prescribed circumstances  
   139.    No permission for reef walking in Whitsunday Planning Area  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   140.    Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Accreditation of TUMRAs

   141.    Application for accreditation of a TUMRA  
   142.    Matters to be included in TUMRA  
   143.    Additional information  
   144.    Withdrawal of applications  
   145.    Assessment of applications for accreditation  
   146.    Accreditation of TUMRA  
   147.    TUMRA has no effect unless accredited  
   148.    Conditions of accreditation  
   149.    Certificate of accreditation  
   150.    Authorities under accreditation  
   151.    Accreditation to continue  

           Division 3--Modification of accredited TUMRAs

   152.    Application to modify TUMRA or conditions of accreditation  
   153.    Additional information  
   154.    Decision on application  
   155.    Notice of decision  

           Division 4--Modification, suspension and revocation

   156.    Modification of conditions or suspension of accreditation--pending investigation  
   157.    Action following investigation  
   158.    Revocation of accreditation--general  

           Division 5--Termination of accredited TUMRA

   159.    Termination of accredited TUMRA  


   160.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   161.    Limit on application of this Part  
   162.    Discharge of sewage generally  
   163.    Discharge of untreated sewage from vessels  
   164.    Discharge of treated sewage from vessels  
   165.    Discharge in prescribed circumstances  


   166.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   167.    Removal of property  
   168.    Certain animals not to be taken onto Commonwealth islands  
   169.    Littering prohibited  
   170.    Mooring buoy must display mooring reference number  
   171.    Public mooring and public infrastructure not to be removed, misused or damaged  


   172.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   173.    Register of permissions and other instruments  
   174.    Access to register  


   175.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   176.    Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report  


           Division 1--Introduction

   177.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   178.    Application of this Part  

           Division 2--Offences

   179.    Requirements relating to prohibited vessels  
   180.    Other craft--caution zones near adult cetaceans  
   181.    Other craft--caution zones near calves  
   182.    Aircraft near cetaceans  
   183.    No feeding of cetaceans  
   184.    No touching, or sudden movements near, cetaceans  
   185.    Requirements for swimming with cetaceans  
   186.    Conducting swimming-with-whales activities without permission  
   187.    Protection of whales in whale protection area  

           Division 3--Exemption from this Part

   188.    Exemption from this Part  
   189.    Application for exemption  
   190.    Additional information  


   191.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   192.    Compulsory pilotage area  
   193.    Exemption from requirement to navigate with a pilot--prescribed information  
   194.    Minister may request further information  
   195.    Exemption may be conditional  
   196.    Duty to notify if information given for exemption becomes inaccurate  
   197.    Termination of exemption in certain circumstances  


   198.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   199.    Register of appropriately qualified persons  
   200.    Offences--bareboat identification numbers  

   PART 12--FEES

           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   201.    Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Fees

              Subdivision A----Fees for fee-bearing applications

   202.    Fees for fee-bearing applications  
   203.    Notices of fees payable  
   204.    Lapsing of application for permission  

              Subdivision B----Fees for other applications and requests

   205.    Fees for other applications and requests  

              Subdivision C----Other fees

   206.    Fee for application for exemption from compulsory pilotage  
   207.    Reinstatement fee  

           Division 3--Miscellaneous provisions for fees under sections 202 and 205

   208.    Indexation of fees under sections 202 and 205  
   209.    Waiver of fees under sections 202 and 205  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   210.    Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Chargeable permissions and determining secondary services

              Subdivision A--Meaning of chargeable permission

   211.    Meaning of chargeable permission  

              Subdivision B--Determining secondary services

   212.    Secondary services  
   213.    Notice of decision  

           Division 3--Amount of charges and payment

              Subdivision A--Standard tourist program charges

   214.    Meaning of takes part in a tourist program  
   215.    Liability for standard tourist program charge  
   216.    Visitors who do not have to pay charge  
   217.    Full day amount  
   218.    Tours that are longer than 3 days  
   219.    Tours that are 3 hours or less  
   220.    Tours that arrive late or depart early  
   221.    When charge is payable  
   222.    Offences--altering ticket etc.  

              Subdivision B--Other charges

   223.    Charges payable by the holder of a chargeable permission  
   224.    Charges payable by visitors  

              Subdivision C--Payment and overpayment

   225.    When charges under section 223 are payable  
   226.    When collected amounts are payable  
   227.    Payment on cessation or transfer of permission  
   228.    Overpayment of charge by holder of chargeable permission  

           Division 4--Record-keeping and returns etc

   229.    Record-keeping etc.  
   230.    Returns  
   231.    Custody and banking of collected amounts  


   232.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   233.    Contravention of the Shoalwater Bay (Dugong) Plan of Management 1997  
   234.    Contravention of the Plan of Management for Cairns Area, Hinchinbrook or Whitsundays  


   235.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   236.    Reviewable decisions  
   237.    Notice of certain decisions  
   238.    Contents of a notice  
   239.    Reconsideration of reviewable decisions  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   240.    Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Powers to give directions etc

   241.    Power of inspector to give directions  
   242.    Powers of inspector to require person to leave the Marine Park or produce permission etc.  

           Division 3--Infringement notices

   243.    Infringement notice offences and infringement notice penalties  
   244.    When an infringement notice may be given  
   245.    Matters to be included in an infringement notice  
   246.    When infringement notice penalty must be paid  
   247.    Extension of time to pay  
   248.    Withdrawal of an infringement notice  
   249.    Effect of payment of amount  
   250.    Effect of this Part  


   251.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   252.    Use of computer programs to make decisions etc.  
   253.    Extending periods  
   254.    Form of identity card  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   255.    Simplified outline of this Part  
   256.    References to old regulations  
   257.     Things done under the old regulations  
   258.     Accreditation of institutions and harvest fisheries  
   259.    Limited impact research (extractive)  
   260.    Directions given following notification  
   261.    Permissions  
   262.    Changes in beneficial ownership  
   263.    TUMRAs  
   264.    Offences and civil penalty provisions  
   265.    Registers  
   266.    Application of section 176  
   267.    Exemptions from Part 9  
   268.    Compulsory pilotage  
   269.    Application of fees  
   270.    Determination of secondary services  
   271.    Chargeable permissions  
   272.    Record keeping and returns  
   273.    Review of decisions  
   274.    Infringement notices  
   275.    Form of identity cards  
           SCHEDULE 1 Designated anchorages
           SCHEDULE 2 Superyacht anchorages
           SCHEDULE 3 No-anchoring areas
           SCHEDULE 4 Whale protection area
           SCHEDULE 5 Special Management Areas
           SCHEDULE 6 Limited impact research (extractive)

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