Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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Simplified outline of this Part

This Division is made for the purposes of sections 38AA, 38BA, 38BB, 38BD, 38CA, 38DD, and paragraphs 66(2)(f), (p), (r), (u) and (uc), of the Act.

Under this Part, a person may apply for a permission (including a special permission) to engage in proposed conduct relating to the Marine Park. The requirement to hold a permission may be in the Act, the Zoning Plan or this instrument.

Before deciding whether to grant a permission, and whether to impose any conditions on the permission, the Authority must decide how to assess the relevant impact of the proposed conduct. The method of assessment may include routine or tailored assessment, or assessment by public information package, public environment report or environmental impact statement.

There are certain limits on the permissions that may be granted by the Authority.

A condition in a permission may authorise a permission holder to grant an authority under the permission to another person to carry out any activity that the permission allows.

A permission granted to a person may be transferred to another person with the approval of the Authority. There are obligations to report a change in beneficial ownership of a company that is granted a permission.

Permissions can be modified, suspended or revoked by the Authority.

Adverse decisions relating to permissions may be reconsidered internally in accordance with section 64 of the Act, and reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in accordance with section 64A of the Act, (see Part 15 of this instrument).

This Part also creates offences relating to permissions.

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