Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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Committee meetings
The Chairperson of the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee may, by written notice to the Committee, direct the Committee to hold a meeting:

at the time and place stated in the notice; and

to deal with specified matters in the manner stated in the notice.

(2) In each year, the Committee may have as many meetings (other than meetings by videoconference or teleconference) as:

before the beginning of the year — the Regulator and the Chairperson have agreed may be held; and

the Regulator and the Chairperson agree should be additionally held.

If the Chairperson of the Committee considers it appropriate and efficient in the circumstances, the Committee may be directed:

to meet, and resolve decisions, by videoconference or teleconference; and

to meet out of session.

(4) For this regulation:

"out of session", in relation to a meeting, means a meeting in which the members take part by correspondence, electronic mail, telephone or in any other way that does not involve formal simultaneous meeting and voting.

Subject to these Regulations, the procedure of a meeting is as decided by the Committee.

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