Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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3. Regulation 30 (Referrals: special cases)
3.1 Subregulation 30 (4): Omit the subregulation, substitute:

"(4) If, in an emergency, a specialist or consultant physician:

   (a)  decides that it is necessary in the patient's interest to give a
        professional service as soon as practicable and without a referral
        otherwise than under this subregulation; and

   (b)  gives that service to the patient; the specialist or consultant
        physician is taken to have been the referring practitioner and to have
        given a referral for the service.

"(5) For the purposes of subregulations (2) and (4), an emergency is a
situation where the patient is treated by a medical practitioner within 30
minutes of presentation and that patient is:

   (a)  at risk of serious morbidity or mortality requiring urgent assessment
        and resuscitation; or

   (b)  suffering from suspected acute organ or system failure; or

   (c)  suffering from an illness or injury where the viability or function of
        a body part or organ is acutely threatened; or

   (d)  suffering from a drug overdose, toxic substance or toxin effect; or

   (e)  experiencing severe psychiatric disturbance whereby the health of the
        patient or other people is at immediate risk; or

   (f)  suffering acute severe pain where the viability or function of a body
        part or organ is suspected to be acutely threatened; or

   (g)  suffering acute significant haemorrhage requiring urgent assessment
        and treatment.". 

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