Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.1.    Citation  
   1.2.    Commencement  
   1.3.    Interpretation  
   1.4.    Adoption  
   1.5.    Balance of family test;  
   1.6.    De facto spouse  
   1.7.    Labour market requirements  
   1.8.    Member of a family unit  
   1.9.    Net employment benefit  
   1.10.   Orphan relative  
   1.11.   Remaining relative  
   1.12.   Visa and entry permit of a particular group or class  
   1.13.   Vocational proficiency in English  
   1.14.   References to a class of visa or entry permit  
   1.15.   Delegation  
   1.16.   Specification of matters by Gazette Notice  
   1.17.   Approved forms  
   1.18.   Declared bodies  
   1.19.   Entry Control Points  
           DIVISION. 4 Division 4-Sponsorship  
   1.20.   Sponsorship  
   2.1.    Classes and groups of visas and entry permits that may be granted  
   2.2.    Criteria, conditions and other provisions applicable to individual classes of visas and entry permits  
   2.3.    Section 20 of the Act-restriction on grant of visas and entry permits  
   2.4.    Prescribed qualifications and prescribed number of points  
   2.5.    Qualification - eligibility of spouse  
   2.6.    Reconsideration of application that is put aside  
   2.7.    Application for visa or entry permit in relation to person in custody  
   2.8.    Notice of certain decisions refusing or terminating a visa or entry permit  
   2.9.    "Prescribed vessel" and "prescribed crew-member" - subsection 4 (1) (definition of "exempt non-citizen")  
   2.10.   Prescribed change in circumstances (paragraphs 36 (1) (a) and 37 (2) (a) of Act);  
   2.11.   Unprocessed persons-prescribed period (paragraph 54D (b) of the Act)  
   2.12.   Entitlement to be granted a visa  
   2.13.   Application for visa outside Australia  
   2.14.   Application for visa within Australia  
   2.15.   Special provision for grant outside Australia of certain visas to former holders of corresponding temporary entry permits  
   2.16.   Application for certain classes of visas to have effect as application for visas of certain other classes  
   2.17.   Application for visas on arrival  
   2.18.   Grant of visa  
   2.19.   Prescribed notification - paragraph 24 (3) (a) of Act  
   2.20.   Exempt visas-prescribed classes (subsection 24 (10))  
   2.21.   Recording and evidencing of visas  
   2.22.   Effect and operation of visas  
   2.23.   Termination of visas for breach of terminating condition  
   2.24.   Certain visas to state period that holder may stay in Australia  
   2.25.   Breach of a condition of a visa  
   2.26.   Mandatory conditions for grant of visas  
   2.27.   Entitlement to be granted an entry permit  
   2.28.   Applications for entry permits  
   2.29.   Application for certain classes of entry permits to have effect as application for entry permits of certain other classes  
   2.30.   Grant of entry permits at the Entry Control Point to holders of travel-only visas  
   2.31.   Special criterion applicable to holders of visas granted under law in force before 19 December 1989;  
   2.32.   Lodgment in Australia of application for entry permit  
   2.33.   Grant of entry permit  
   2.34.   Recording and evidencing of entry permits  
   2.35.   Effect and operation of entry permits  
   2.36.   Termination of entry permits for breach of terminating condition  
   2.37.   Mandatory conditions for grant of entry permits  
   2.38.   Breach of a condition of an entry permit  
   3.1.    Provision of information (general requirement)  
   3.2.    Use of information  
   3.3.    Provision by master of information regarding passengers  
   3.4.    Provision by master of information regarding crew  
   3.5.    Production of deportee  
   3.6.    Offences by master of vessel  
   4.1.    Power of Commissioner to send for witnesses and documents  
   4.2.    Duty of witness to continue in attendance  
   4.3.    Arrest of witness failing to appear  
   4.4.    Witnesses - fees  
   4.5.    Power to examine on oath or affirmation  
   4.6.    Offences by witnesses  
   4.7.    Statements of witness not admissible in evidence against the witness  
   4.8.    Representation by counsel etc.  
   4.9.    Offences in relation to Commissioners  
   4.10.   Protection of Commissioners, barristers and witnesses  
   4.11.   Procedure of prescribed authorities  
   5.1.    Interpretation  
   5.2.    Form of certain assurances of support  
   5.3.    Duration of assurances of support  
   5.4.    Effect of assurance of support  
   5.5.    Earlier liabilities not affected  
   5.6.    Interpretation  
   5.7.    Form and duration of assurance of support  
   5.8.    Persons in respect of whom assurance of support may be given  
   5.9.    Liability of person giving assurance of support;  
   5.10.   Bond (required assurances);  
   6.1.    Control of migrant centres  
   6.2.    Canteen services in migrant centres  
   7.1.    Service of documents generally;  
   7.2.    Service outside Australia  
   7.3.    Service on owner, agent, charterer or master of vessel  
   7.4.    Service of notice on bank or other financial institution (subsection 68 (2) of Act)  
   7.5.    Summons to attend as witness  
   7.6.    Time when service takes effect  
   7.7.    Saving  
   7.8.    Reconsideration of decisions to refuse to grant a visa or entry permit  
   7.9.    Prescribed persons (subsection 15 (3) of the Act)  
   7.10.   Approved appointments (employer nomination)  
   7.11.   Prescribed diseases (subparagraph 20 (1) (d) (i) of Act)  
   7.12.   Prescribed circumstances (subparagraph 20 (1) (d) (vi) of Act)  
   7.13.   Section 20 notice  
   7.14.   Prescribed procedures (subsection 59 (2) of Act)  
   7.15.   Prescribed matters (subsections 60 (1) and 82 (1) of Act)  
   7.16.   Section 76 of Act-prescribed penalty ;  
   7.17.   Infringement notices-offences against section 76 of the Act;  
   7.18.   Prescribed matters (subsection 63 (1) of Act)  
   7.19.   Search warrants (subsections 68 (14) and 90 (4) of Act)  
   7.20.   Document for purposes of subsection 114 (2) of Act  
   7.21.   Offences  
   7.22.   Detention centres-medical treatment  
   7.23.   Consent by Secretary to medical treatment of persons in custody  
   7.24.   Fees in respect of applications for visas and entry permits  
   7.25.   Payment of fees in foreign currencies  
   7.26.   Employer nomination fee  
   7.27.   Sponsorship fee  
   7.28.   Refund of fees  
   7.29.   Fee on application for reconsideration of a decision  
   7.30.   Fee on application by person to whom subsection 14 (2) of Act applies  
   8.1.    Repeal of Migration (1989) Regulations  
   8.2.    Saving  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7
           SCHEDULE 8
           SCHEDULE 9
           SCHEDULE 10
           SCHEDULE 11
           SCHEDULE 12

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