Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      References to the previous election  
   4.      What is the prescribed period in relation to an election?  
   5.      What is the minimum number of candidates that must contest an election for a represented party?  
   6.      How is free time granted to a represented party?  
   7.      What is a represented party's voting share?  
   8.      What is the total free time available in respect of an election?  
   9.      How is an application made for a grant of free time?  
   10.     Grant of free time in relation to Senate elections  
   11.     How is remaining free time granted to political parties other than represented parties, or to groups or independent candidates?  
   12.     What is the voting share of a political party other than a represented party, or of a group or independent candidate?  
   13.     Votes received by independent candidates in periodic elections  
   14.     Notification of a grant of free time.  
   15.     How are units of free time created and distributed?  
   16.     How are units of free time allocated to broadcasters?  
   17.     How must a broadcaster use a unit of free time?  
   18.     Where is a broadcaster not required to make a unit of free time available?  
   19.     How much additional broadcasting time is a licensee entitled to?  

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