Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Consent to construct and install  
   5.      Consent to use  
   6.      Revision of Safety Case to apply to Consent to use  
   7.      Submission of Safety Case  
   8.      Decision of Designated Authority on proposed Safety Case  
   9.      Provisional acceptance of Safety Case  
   10.     Revision of Safety Case  
   11.     Decision of Designated Authority on proposed revision  
   12.     Provisional acceptance of proposed revision of Safety Case  
   13.     Validation of design, construction and installation, or of significant change  
   14.     Core matters affecting safety of a facility  
   15.     Additional matters affecting safety of a facility  
   16.     "Permit to work" system for safe performance of various activities  
   17.     Involvement of employees  
   18.     Design, construction, installation, maintenance and modification  
   19.     Medical and pharmaceutical supplies and services  
   20.     Machinery and equipment  
   21.     Drugs and intoxicants  
   22.     Evacuation, escape and rescue  
   23.     Measures concerning fire and explosion hazards  
   24.     Emergency communications systems  
   25.     Control systems  
   26.     Emergency preparedness  
   27.     Pipelines  
   28.     Vessel and aircraft control  
   29.     Compliance with: Consent to construct and install; Consent to use; Safety Case  
   30.     Records  
   31.     Reporting of significant accidents and incidents  
   32.     Possession, etc of drugs and intoxicants  
   33.     Duty to leave facility on instruction  
   34.     Duty to cooperate with operator or person in command  
   35.     Interference with accident sites  
   36.     Endangering or interfering with safety of a person, etc  
   37.     Endangering or interfering with safe operation of a facility  
   38.     Application of the Criminal Code  
   39.     Person not to be punished more than once for same act or omission  
   40.     Transitional-consents to use fixed platforms, and related safety cases, under the Schedule of Specific Requirements  
   41.     Applications and submissions-details to be given  
   42.     Notification of appointment of operator  
   43.     Proof of appointment as operator  
   44.     Service, delivery and lodgment of documents  
   45.     Time limit for applications, etc  

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