Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      Register of domestic animals  
   4.      Keeping of unregistered domestic animals  
   5.      Applications for registration of domestic animals  
   6.      Notification of changes in information set out in applications  
   7.      Matters to be entered in register  
   8.      Period of registration  
   9.      Certificates of registration and registration tags  
   10.     Registration tags to be attached to domestic animals  
   11.     Fees not to be charged for registration of domestic animals  
   12.     Domestic animals not to be abandoned  
   13.     Unregistered domestic animals to be kept for a quarantine purpose or destroyed  
   14.     Entry to premises for certain purposes  
   15.     Enquiries concerning health of animals  
   16.     Death of domestic animals to be notified  
   17.     Enquiries concerning diseased goods  
   18.     Symptoms of diseases in goods to be notified  
   19.     Duty to enter premises to examine infected goods  
   20.     Duty to prevent spread of disease-destruction of goods  
   21.     Power to order goods into quarantine  
   22.     Notification of owner of, or agent for, goods  
   23.     Prohibited areas-domestic animals  
   24.     Prohibited areas-plants  
   25.     Wild animals  
   26.     Records to be kept of goods destroyed  
   27.     False or misleading statements  
   28.     Compensation for goods destroyed or damaged  

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