Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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What must be included in an infringement notice?
25. (1) An infringement notice must be signed by the person who issues it, or
causes it to be issued, and must contain:

   (a)  a statement of the name of the authorised person who issues it, or
        causes it to be issued; and

   (b)  a statement setting out the nature of the alleged offence and when and
        where the offence is alleged to have been committed; and

   (c)  a statement to the effect that, if the person on whom the notice is
        served does not wish the matter to be dealt with by a court, he or she
        may pay a penalty of an amount worked out in accordance with section
        315 of the Act in relation to the alleged offence, being the amount
        specified in the notice, within the period of 28 days after the date
        of the notice unless the notice is sooner withdrawn; and

   (d)  information describing where and how the penalty may be paid; and

   (e)  a statement setting out the procedures under these Regulations
        relating to the withdrawal of notices and the consequences of the
        withdrawal of a notice.

(2) An infringement notice may contain any other matters that the Spectrum
Manager considers relevant. 

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