Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      Signature of documents  
   4.      Specification of nationality of corporations  
   5.      Lodgment of documents  
   6.      Service, &c., of documents  
   7.      Application for registration  
   8.      Builder's certificate  
   9.      Declaration of ownership and nationality  
   10.     Tonnage measurement of ship before registration  
   11.     Entry of particulars in Register  
   12.     Grant of registration certificate  
   13.     Particulars of master to be endorsed on registration certificate of ship leaving Australia  
   14.     New certificates and provisional certificates  
   15.     Provisional certificates for ships becoming entitled to be registered when abroad  
   16.     Extension of period of currency of provisional certificate  
   17.     Temporary passes  
   18.     Change in ownership of ship or share  
   19.     Change of name, address or nationality  
   20.     Marking of ships  
   21.     Name of registered ship and change of name  
   22.     National colours and other flags  
   23.     Transfer of ship, &c.  
   24.     Transmission of ship, &c., by operation of law  
   25.     Mortgage of ship, &c.  
   26.     Transfer of mortgage  
   27.     Transmission of mortgage by operation of law  
   28.     Discharge of mortgage  
   29.     Obsolete or incorrect entries in Register  
   30.     Registered agent  
   31.     Alterations to ships  
   32.     Ship lost, &c., or ceasing to be entitled to be registered  
   33.     Closure of registration  
   34.     Admissibility of documents in evidence  
   35.     Home ports  
   36.     Transfer of registration from foreign ports of ships entitled to be registered  
   37.     Certificates, &c., in respect of ships deemed registered under Act  
   38.     Fees  
   39.     Extension of time  
   40.     Verification of information, &c.  
   41.     Entries in Register  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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