Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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Part 1 -- Amendments commencing day after registration

Corporations Regulations 2001

1  Subparagraph 7.8.13(2)(a)(i)

After "4,", insert "4A,".

2  Regulation 7.9.07FA

Omit " and the APRA hotline on 1300 13 10 60", substitute "".

3  Paragraph 7.9.14D(1)(c)

Omit " and the APRA hotline on 1300 13 10 60", substitute "".

4  After subregulation 7.9.20AA(1)


          (1A)  This regulation does not apply if:

                     (a)  the superannuation product is a non-investment or accumulation life insurance policy that is offered through the regulated superannuation fund; or

                     (b)  the superannuation product has no investment component (also known as a risk-only superannuation product); or

                     (c)  the statement is a periodic statement to be given to a member of the regulated superannuation fund for a reporting period mentioned in paragraph 1017D(2)(d) of the Act.

5  Subregulation 7.9.20AA(2)

Repeal the subregulation (including the heading).

6  Subregulations 7.9.20AA(3) to (7)

Repeal the subregulations.

7  Subregulation 7.9.20AA(8) (heading)

Repeal the heading.

8  Subregulation 7.9.20AA(8)

Omit "2010", substitute "2011".

9  Subregulation 7.9.75BA(1)

Repeal the subregulation, substitute:

             (1)  For the purposes of paragraph 1017DA(1)(a) of the Act, the trustee of a superannuation entity (other than a self managed superannuation fund) may provide fund information:

                     (a)  required by Subdivision 5.6 of this Part and is about a regulated superannuation fund; or

                     (b)  required by Subdivision 5.6 of this Part and is about an approved deposit fund; or

                     (c)  required by Subdivision 5.7 of this Part and is about a pooled superannuation trust;

to a holder of an interest in that entity by making it available on the entity's website.

Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Regulation 2015

10  Section 66

Repeal the section.

National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations 2010

11  Subdivision 1.3 of Division 1 of Part 2.4

Repeal the Subdivision.

12  Regulations 65B, 69A and 69B

Repeal the regulations.

Retirement Savings Accounts Regulations 1997

13  Division 2.2

Repeal the Division.

14  Regulation 2.18A (note)

Omit "Section 53 of the Act provides that a person must receive certain documents before becoming an RSA holder.".

Superannuation (Unclaimed Money and Lost Members) Regulations 2019

15  Subsection 6(1)

Omit "and 24K(4)(a)", substitute ", 24K(4)(a) and 24NAA(4)(a)".

Part 2 -- Contingent amendments

Corporations Regulations 2001

16  Part 7.6A

Repeal the Part.

17  Regulation 7.7.10AH

Repeal the regulation.

18  Regulation 7.9.15G

Repeal the regulation.

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